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Foundations Reviews

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 07:00
I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup, just a bit of concealer and maybe some blusher so when I decided I wanted to try out foundation, I wanted a very natural but flawless look for days when my skin wasn't looking so great. I have tried so many foundations and continue to try more so I thought I would review them today. Also please note that in each picture of a foundation, there is a sample on my hand for you to see the colour.

The first foundation I'm going to review is the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I purchased this product because I liked the mousse texture and so wanted to try it. At first, I liked this product, I thought it gave good coverage and made your skin look nice, however now, I don't like this product at all. It makes your skin appear very cakey and it clings to your pores to make them sound out. I also hate the colour, it is VERY orange despite the fact that I bought it in the colour light nude. Overall, I would not recommend this product.

 The next foundation I'm going to review is L'oreal 5-in-1 Nude Magique BB Cream. This appealed to me as it is a BB cream and personally, I think BB creams tend to look better and are better for your skin. It is very difficult to apply this product as it has very fine microbeads making it impossible to use a brush to apply. Personally, I think that it is much easier to blend a foundation/BB cream with a brush so in the case, I did not like the fact that I couldn't use one. However, I liked the way my skin appeared with it on and found it lasted throughout the day. I just don't know whether I'd repurchase this product.

The next product I'm going to be reviewing is the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour foundation. I like the texture of this foundation, it is very liquidated therefore easy to apply. I also like the fact that it has SPF and that it has a pump making it easier to apply. The disadvantage I found with this product is that it feels very heavy and personally, I hate it when it feels like I'm wearing a lot of makeup and worse so when it looks like I'm wearing a lot of makeup so this product isn't my favourite but it is better than some foundations I've used.

The next foundation I'll review is the Covergirl Clean foundation. This is probably one of my favourite foundations. I like the coverage it gives, it feels very light but still conceals blemishes and looks quite natural. The packaging is very heavy and easy to break but it contains a lot of foundation. I don't like the fact that it does not have a pump and because it is glass, you cannot squeeze the product out. You just have to shake it out which can sometimes take a while. For me, this is a major disadvantage which is a shame as it is nothing to do with the product itself. 

 The next product is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Mousse. I purchased this product because it was part of a deal in Superdrug whereby I got a primer and mascara included in the price. I also love the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder so assumed I would also love the mousse foundation.  I do love this product, it gives a flawless, matte finish but you can tell you are wearing foundation as the texture of your skin is different. This foundation is probably one of my favourites that I have purchased so far.

The final foundation I will be reviewing is the No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser. This feels very nice on your skin as it is a moisturiser and it also gives great coverage. The colour of this product is quite orange tinted but if you blend it correctly it can make your skin look flawless. I bought this product to use on long plane journeys as a moisturiser provides better coverage and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh.

Thank you for reading! I'm sorry this is so long! Help me find my favourite foundation and comment below! Thanks!

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