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2014 Goals

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So its coming to the time when everyone begins to both reflect on the past year and think about their wishes and 'resolutions' for the next year. In todays blog post I'm going to reveal my goals for next year blog and beauty related and general life goals. I am also going to say at the end what my plans are in terms of my blog for next year. This is not a review, haul or beauty tutorial so if you follow me for that reason the feel free to click off this post now but I know that lots of you show a great interest in my life so for all of you, keep reading.

Goals for 2014:
Blog Goals:
1. Reach 3000 followers.
I know this is a big ask but seeing as I have gained 1000 in the past month, I thought it was a reasonable target.

2. Become peoples 'favourite blogger'.
This in itself would be a huge ask. I am so grateful to all of you and it would really make my day if one day I can earn the title of your 'favourite blogger'. I will work hard to achieve this title.

3. Improve my posts.
Obviously there is plenty of room for improvement and I would like to fill this space so that my blog is the best it can possibly be next year. Help me improve by answering the questions in my previous "Your Wishes" post.

4. Keep to my posting schedule.
You are all so kind to me that I really want to stick to my promises and post when I say I will. At the minute this is every Monday, Friday and Sunday. Whether that will change, I don't know.

5.  Make 'PinkCupcake' a well-known blog.
Despite having 1000 followers, my blog is definitely not a 'well-known' one. I would like for next year my blog to become a success and for people to have heard of it outside my group of followers. Spread the word!

Life Goals:
1. Always see a silver lining.
This was my 2013 resolution and it will be repeated every year because I think that it's important to remember the good things in your life and not focus on the bad. I will always strive to be a happier person.

2. Eat healthy and Drink lots of Water
I need to begin to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day and a wider variety of foods and drink lots more water to stay healthy.

3. Be a 'fit' person.
By 'fit' I mean exercise a lot. I want to take up jogging again and stick to running every Sunday that I can.

4. Look after my skin.
I want to remember to cleanse and moisturise every day and night to maintain good skin.

5. Study hard.
With my GCSE exams coming up, I want to study hard and work for good grades at the end of the year.

6. Have fun!
Overall, my main goal for next year is to simply have fun. At my age, and at any age for that matter, we should all have fun.

Plans for my blog in 2014:
Next year I want to make my blog more personal. Since PinkCupcake7 is an anonymous blog, I thought I'd have to stick to simple reviews and tags but now I have realised that I can go a lot further with my blog, staying anonymous. Next year I am going to feature more lifestyle posts as well as sticking to my beauty-related posts. These may include things like "Whats in my bag?", "School essentials" and "Whats on my phone?" etc. Basically, I want to do a wider range of posts. I'm also hoping to do more tutorials and videos, I have really enjoyed both filming and editing videos so next year I am hoping to do more of that. Comment below how you feel about these minor changes to my blog in the upcoming year.

Thank you everyone for reading. I can only hope that all of these things come true. I'm grateful for everything I already have, I just think its important to set yourself goals.

What are your goals and hopes for next year?

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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