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Beauty New Years Resolution Tag

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Hey guys,
So today I'm going to be theming my post on the new year. I found this tag online and thought I'd use it, I'm going to look back over the past year and state my wishes for next year. Obviously since I'm a beauty blogger, these will be beauty questions. I'd like to tag Beauty By Eden and Harrietjacksonx in this post and I challenge them to complete this tag by New Years Day (1-01-14 < 2014!!).

1. What is a technique you've improved on during the past year?
I have to say, I've improved on everything in the past year. In 2012, I hardly wore any makeup and it really didn't interest me but 2013 has ben a turning point. I now wear it a lot more but if I had to choose one thing… it would probably be eyeliner.

2. What is your overall most used makeup product this year?
This ones hard because I change between products, I mix it up a lot and find new favourites but one of my top products have been Eos balms and baby lips because I wear those multiple times a day and they're suitable for everyday use.

3. What brand would you like to try in the upcoming year?
As far as drugstore makeup goes, I'd like to try more of Bourjois because I love their brushes and recently I've been loving their Healthy Mix Serum. As for High-End makeup, I'd like to try Urban Decay, especially their setting spray and Naked Palettes because everyone rave about them.

4. Are there any products that you'd like to use up this year?
I have to say, I'm not 100% sure what this question means whether its a good product that I want to keep using and use up or a bad one that I want rid of. I'm going to take it as a bad product that I want rid of so I'd probably say… Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer (Shock Horror), I know everyone raves about this and seems to love it but I have to say that I personally don't understand why, for me, it doesn't cover up under eye circles, blemish, skin discolouration and it doesn't make me look 'awake' like I should.

5. Favourite Winter Outfit and Makeup?
I love wearing leggings, ugg boots and a big wooly jumper during colder, winter months and if you want to see the makeup I wear for it, please watch my winter makeup tutorial.

6. What is one bad makeup habit that you want to break in the new year?
Cleaning my brushes more, that's what I want to do in the new year. I really don't clean them often enough which is bad because it can lead to breakouts and clogged pores.

7. Favourite Clothing to keep warm in the winter?
An oversized wooly jumper < A wardrobe must-have for me.

8. A fellow blogger you've been loving this year?
I've loved reading Harrietjacksonx and BeautyByEden whom are both fairly new to the blogging world  like me and have done great in the past few months that they've had their blogs. I would really recommend viewing their blogs.

9. What activity are you going to start next year?
I really should begin to exercise more. I want to get into running because my Mum's a runner and my sister likes it too.  I did it for a while and was actually alright at it but then I stopped so I really need to keep in shape and go for a jog every so often.

10. Describe the year 2013 in 3 words.
Joyful, unique, laughter. 

I've really become my own person in this past year, not caring as much what people think, beginning to wear makeup and change my fashion sense and beginning to do what I want and not care about what other people might think (In a good way). I'm much more confident and I really feel I've grown in this past year. I can only hope that 2014 will be just as great a year as 2013.

If you want to do this tag please link your post below and I'll try and read it. You're all welcome to participate, I just couldn't sit and name you all!

Thank you to all my followers for continually reading my posts and I wish you all the best for 2014. 
Also before I go, can I just ask you if you have any idea for future posts? If you have any tags, reviews, tutorials etc that you'd like to see, please comment below. I'd love to do them.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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