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Mascaras Review

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Hi Everyone,

Today I'm going to compare some popular and not-so popular mascaras for you. I'm not one to pile on the makeup and make my lashes look false so my opinions may be very different to yours but I'm going to try my best to review each product to cater for everyones likes and dislikes.

So the first mascara is Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Mascara in Brown/Black. It says on the bottle 'Mascara with grow lash complex'. This is a very good idea in my opinion because it can help prevent people from constantly wearing false lashes but I like very natural looking lashes and so this is not the best mascara for me but it is still a very good product.

The next mascara is Maybelline's Define-A-Lash. This was one of the first mascaras I purchased. It is very inexpensive and a standard mascara. It really does define your lashes so once again it is not for me but I think that people looking for false looking lashes shouldn't be put off by the small applicator because this mascara really does make your eyelashes both appear and feel bigger.

The next mascara is Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl. I received this mascara as part of a birthday gift set and I do think it is a very big false-lashes feel mascara. If I had to name a dupe for this mascara it would probably be the Benefit Bad Gal Mascara because the applicator is huge and your lashes really do appear huge and long, again its not for me but it is still a great mascara. The only problem is that the applicator is so big that it often goes onto your eyelid or eyebrow when applying.

The next product is Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes flex. This was a free mascara upon purchase and I can see why. It is a terrible mascara! Not only is the applicator too big to apply the mascara well but it feels and looks terrible! I would not recommend this at all.

The next mascara is Covergirls Exact Eyelights Mascara for hazel eyes. I did a review on this range yesterday and talked about it. The product is a very good mascara, one of my favourites but I wouldn't particularly say it made your eye colour pop any different to other mascaras. I like it because the applicator is small and your lashes look more natural when you use this mascara but I definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking for a false-eyelash effect.

The final mascara is on of Maybelline's The Falsies. Everyone raves about this mascara so when THe Falsies Big Eyes came to the shelf, I decided to give it a try. I do love this mascara! I like the fact that it has both a lower and upper lashes applicator to get a full falsies effect. This allows you to apply the lower lashes mascara to the upper lashes if you are wanting a more natural look which I love. This is probably my favourite mascara.

Thanks for reading everyone!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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