Friday, 31 January 2014

January Favourites

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Hey guys,
So with it being the end of January, I thought I'd tell you what have been my favourite products of this month!

1. Neutrogena Acne Treatment
If you've read all of my posts the month, you'll know that I went on a small beauty haul to Walgreens and purchased this spot treatment. I love the cleanser in this range so was excited to give this a try. I really love this treatment, you can apply it to fade past breakouts, clear present breakouts and prevent future breakouts so I apply it every morning after I've had a shower. You only use a 'light coverage' so it lasts a long time and if you immediately treat a breakout with this, I find that it goes very quickly.

2. Fresh Minerals Powder Foundation
I really have been loving this powder foundation this month. I have used it most days because I find that it looks extremely natural. It doesn't give very much coverage but I use it to correct my skin tone and then you can use additional concealer if you need more coverage. I just think this really does give you a glow and makes you look fresh.

3. Covergirl Smoochies
I also recently bought these in my small beauty haul. I bought them in 2 colours, a reddish purple and s girly pink. These lip balms are really moisturising and smell really nice too. They are a bit like Maybellines BabyLips but they they give lot more colour than BabyLips. I especially love the pink one, its in the colour Text Me which is the pink, it has a little sparkle to it and I love the way it looks.

4. Lip Vitamins Lip Balm
I got two of these for Christmas in 2012 and if I'm honest they were just put away in my drawer and not touched but recently I've found them and have been loving them. I have them in Honey and Mango, I especially love the Honey one, they are very moisturising and I really love them.

5. Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Feeny
I am still at school and am not allowed to wear nail polish for school so at weekends I take the opportunity to paint them. Every Weekend throughout January I have chosen the same colour by Essie, Bikini So Feeny. It's a blue colour and I love it.

6. Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle
I got this candle for Christmas and it smells so nice. It's quite a sweet smell but it is so nice! I lit it and it made my whole bedroom smell amazing. It also lasts a really long time, if you keep it lit, it lasts a total of 4 hours before burning out.

7. Bath and Body Works Japenese Cherry Blossom body spray
I bought this in the January sales for $3 <a great bargain. This body spray smells so good, it is one of my favourite scents and I get so many compliments whilst wearing it. 

8. Tea Tree Oil
I bought this spot corrector from boots but when I got home, I realised that really, it was just tea tree oil. 
I have been using this product since around Christmas and I forget how much it helps my skin! I find that out of all my acne treatments, cleansers and moisturisers, tea tree oil works best for me. I also have some from The Body Shop which is more of a cream than liquid but that works great too. Tea tree oil in general is just a must for me.

These are just some of the products I've been loving this month and I would recommend all of them.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How to: Making your own BB cream

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So for all you makeup horders out there, this will be a great post for you. I myself, love to collect makeup but buying a lot becomes very hard when you only have so much money. I've desperately been wanting a good BB cream to use because I don't feel my skin needs a foundation as I am only a teenager and don't want to use too many products on my skin everyday. My skin has also been very dry recently and I thought that a tinted moisturiser or BB cream (Beauty Balm) would help it but like I said, one wasn't in the budget so I decided to use products I already had to make my own.

Things You'll Need:
Primer (optional)
Suncream (optional)
Makeup Brush or sponge

1. So if you're wanting to make a large portion of BB cream at one time, I would suggest getting a small pot or container to keep it in but in my case, I just like to make a little amount each day on the back of my hand, either works fine. First you'll need to put some primer in the pot or on your hand. I used Rimmel's Fix and perfect primer. The amount depends on how much you want to make but remember not to use too much primers it doesn't need to consist of much primer, just enough to keep the BB cream on your skin all day.

2. Now add some sun cream. Because I used Simple's Protecting Moisturiser, I didn't need to add sun cream but if yours doesn't I would recommend adding some. This step isn't crucial but most BB creams tend to have sun cream in them. You don't need a lot of this either.

3. Now add your moisturiser. Like I said before, I used Simple's Protecting Moisturiser but any moisturiser that works for you will be fine. Your BB cream will consist of mainly moisturiser and foundation so you should use more of this product than the previous ones but still not as much as your foundation. Using too much moisturiser can make your BB cream look bad on your skin.

4. Now take your foundation. It is often enter to use a foundation that is a shade darker than your skin tone because the moisturiser can make it lighter but if you for have any darker foundation then using your normal shade should work fine. I used Rimmel's True Match Foundation in the colour Classic Ivory. You'll need to add the most of this foundation because the BB cream should mainly be foundation. I used one full pump which lasts me one full use but if you're making enough to last longer then you'll obviously need to use more.

5. The final step is to blend all of the products together. If you made the BB cream on the back of your hand, use a makeup brush or I used my Beauty Blender in a pat and twist motion to blend the products together but if you are making it in a pot, I would suggest using a spoon, stick or the end of a makeup brush to blend it. After that, you should have a BB cream ready to use but you can change the cream by adding more products to how you like it.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It is obviously easier to buy a BB cream but I think that this DIY trick is a nice way to save money and use up products that are sitting at the back of your cupboard. If you have any makeup tips or requests of posts you'd like me to do in the future, please comment below or email me at: Also let me know if you like these types of posts and I'l do more in the future.

Xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Monday, 27 January 2014

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick Review

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Hi guys!
Today I'm going to be reviewing the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks.

I bought one of these just because I wanted a bright lipstick and the colour of one in the range jumped out at me. I bought it in 900 Hot Plum which is a really bright purple colour. After using it, I found that it was a really good lipstick and was glad I bought that one. It was super pigmented and looked great on your lips. I thought it could just be a fluke like my Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick was so I did not purchase any more.

Then for christmas I received two more of these lipsticks in 895 On Fire Red and 870 Shocking Coral. I really like both colours, they're quite bright but I find that if you blot it with a tissue, the colour fades for a more subtle look. These lipsticks stay on for ages! I swatched them on the back of my hand Christmas morning and they stayed on for a good few days after.

The only thing that I would change about these products would be the packaging because they look quite cheap. The way they are see through and kind of tacky. It's nothing to do with the product itself and it's really picky but if I had to say something, thats what I would change.

Overall, I would highly recommend these lipsticks. If I ever need a new lipstick, I automatically go to this range. These are my favourite drugstore lipsticks.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Blogger Made Me Buy It! (Tag)

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Hey guys,
Today I'm going to be doing the blogger made me buy it tag that harrietjacksonx tagged me in. It's taken me a while to get round to doing this so sorry about that. I'd like to tag lissyshuker to do this tag.

1. Who are you most influenced by? Who are the ones that you rely on for reviews?
I hugely rely on my friends harrietjacksonx, lissyshuker and beautybyeden but as far as youtubers go, I rely on them all, if more than one of them rave about it, I tend to buy it and give it a go myself.

2. Do you buy a product on one review or do you look for more?
Like I said, I look for lots. I don't always look for it, I just tend to realise that lots of people have raved about it and try it myself however if I've really been wanting a product, I do some further research to check its good before I purchase it myself as my makeup budget is tight.

3. What is your favourite product that you have bought in a consequence of blogs?
I've bought a lot of products due to blogs, my favourite would probably have to be Maybelline's BabyLips.

4. Name 5 products that you've bought due to blogs?
1. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
2. Maybelline BabyLips
3. Covergirl Smoochies
4. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
5. Rimmel True Match Foundation

5. Have you given into a blogging hype?
Lots, all of the ones above but I'll say something different. I asked for a beauty blender and real techniques makeup brushes for Christmas so they are some tools I've given into getting.

6. Is everything you buy based on blogging reviews or is there some products you buy without reviews?
If I like the looks of something and get the opportunity to swatch it, I will buy it there and then but if I get the chance, I generally read a review about it.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Friday, 24 January 2014

Mac Limited Edition Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow palette Review

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Hey guys,
So if you read 'My Christmas Presents' post a while ago, you'll know that I got this Mac eyeshadow palette. I had such a god response from this with many of you commenting about it so I decided to talk further about it today.

This is a limited edition eyeshadow palette and it contains 5 colours. These colours are very neutral which is just what I wanted because I've been able to use them in lots of different ways. These are some of the look I have achieved with it:

They all look extremely similar on here but in person, they're a lot more different. I really like all of the colours, they are so pigmented. I have used the lightest shade a lot already because it just makes your eyelid looks lovely and pretty and its also a great base for other shadows. I also like the gold sparkly colour because you can dress it up or down and it just looks really neutral but pretty. I love all of these colours and they're really fun to experiment with.

The actual palette is really handy too because it has a mirror inside and a little brush that's angled on one side but is a fluff brush on the other, brilliant for applying these shadows. The packaging is quite bulky too so if you were to drop it, I doubt it would effect the actual shadows and the clasp is so difficult to open, it wouldn't open if you dropped it.

I love this gift and would definitely recommend purchasing it whilst its available, it is limited edition  after all!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Wash Routine

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This may seem like a weird post but I've seen lots of youtube videos and things where people tell you their shower routine, anyway, this is mine.

I make sure my shower is nice and warm because I can't stand cold water. Then the first thing I do is take my body wash and wash my body. Two body washes that I alternate between are Dial Soy and Almond Milk body wash and Herbal Essences Coconut Milk Body Wash. They both smell great  like coconut and I love them.

After I've finished washing my body, I take my Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Cleanser which I love and work it into my skin, I like to leave it a few minutes before I wash it off. I find that applying cleansers and exfoliators in the shower is so much easier because when you are out of the shower, the water gets everywhere and you end up all wet.

After I have washed my cleanser off, I take my Dove Nourishing Oil Care shampoo and massage it into my hair. I then wash it out. I don't use a conditioner because my hair is very oily so it can often make my hair look greasy. 

Then I turn off my shower and get into my towel. When I get out the shower I get dried and put on my dressing gown. I then dampen my hair with my towel and brush it with a wide-tooth comb. 

Next I use my moisturiser and then I apply a light coat of the Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Cleanser on any imperfections and begin to get ready by drying my hair and doing my makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any requests on posts you'd like to see please comment below. Thanks for reading!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Monday, 20 January 2014

Party Hair and Makeup ideas

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This was a requested post and so today I thought I'd show you a party makeup look you could do and potential hair ideas. The makeup look is quite a wild, colourful one but you can easily tone it down using different colours or a different lip colour.

I have used quite a lot of products but you don't have to use all of these and can easily find dupes, this is just what I used.
Products Needed:
Rimmel Primer
Fresh Minerals Powder Foundation
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
Stila  Blush
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Colourful eyeshadow palette
Rimmel pencil eyeliner
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Maybelline MasterShape Brow Pencil
Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick in 900 Hot Plum

Fructis Volume Mousse
GHD straighteners
Revlon Teasing Comb
Tresemme Hairspray

You could easily do very tight ringlet curls but for this look but I'm going to do an undo.

1. Make sure your hair is clean, dry and brushed. Then tip your head upside down and braid up the back of you hair.

2. Then secure your hair in a ponytail onto of your head. You should have a braid going up the back of your hair up to your ponytail.

3. Now you can either curl your ponytail and leave it like that or gently tease your hair with a teasing comb and secure it into a bun. Either looks great. You could also curl the edges of the bun, thats what I did and I got this look:

4. Finally spray it with hairspray and you're ready to go!

1. Prime your face and apply the fresh minerals foundation with a powder brush in circular motions. Make sure you prime your face so the foundation doesn't slip throughout the night.

2. Now apply the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes, blend in with a foundation brush or your ring finger.

3. Now take the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and apply with your powder brush to your t-zone and any other spots where you get oily. Then apply your blush to the apple of your cheeks (found by smiling).

4. Now its time for the eyes. Start by brushing a light blue colour across your eyelid. Now take a purple and apply it to the outer corner of your eye, blending it very lightly. Now take a lime green and apply it to the middle of your eyelid, still dusting it on very gently. Now take more of the original blue colour and pat it on. Add a second coat to each shadow by patting another layer on. Patting makes the eyeshadow have a more vivid colour. Then use the purple shadow as an eyeliner and dust it half way under your eye.

5. Now I take my Rimmel Scandal Eyes liquid liner and apply it to your eyelid, make the line thicker as you get towards the end, eventually winging it slightly out. Then I take my pencil liner and apply it to my waterline.

6. Now curl your lashes and apply a thick coat of mascara to  the top and bottom lashes. Then fill in your brows, making a strong arch.

7. Finally apply your lip colour and blot with a tissue. Another good way of making sure its not on your teeth is to put your finger in your mouth, any excess lipstick should come out on your finger. If you want a matte lip look. Put a tissue over your lips and dust translucent powder over the top.

I hope you enjoyed this look, you could twist it into your own thing too. If you try this out, comment a link below or send me a picture at   I'd love to see how it worked out for you.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Being A Happier Person

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You may recognise this post. It's because about a month ago, I accidentally published it and you can't delete posts on bloglovin so you may have already seen it, sorry if you have. Anyway for those of you who haven't…
Obviously everyone wants to be happy and I'm going to share with you some tips on how to be happy even when you might be feeling a bit down.

1. Gratitude 365
This is an app that you can get that allows you to write things you are grateful for everyday. I find that this enables you to really think about everything you may take for granted and it helps you feel a lot better. If for some reason you can't get this app just write in a notebook things you are grateful for every night. They can be as simple as "a roof over my head" or "a full meal".

2. Reminder Free
This is another app but it is a countdown app that tells you how long it is until an exciting event in your life. My Mum said hen I first got this app "Don't wish your life away" and I'm not, I'm just reminding myself of all the things I have to be excited for in my life. It makes you feel happy knowing that you have lots of fun things coming up.

3. Have a quote book
I first came up with this idea when my phone was becoming full of quotes that I'd screenshotted from google or social networking sites. I decided to write them in a little notebook and have been very since. I now have 3 notebooks filled front to back with inspirational quotes. I write a few in it every night before I  go to bed and often get the quotes from tumblr, instagram or take lyrics from songs or lines from films. I just find that then you can look back through it and feel really happy and often inspired.

I hope this helps you to become a happier person. What are your tips to being happy?

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Friday, 17 January 2014

I Love Drugstore Makeup Tag

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Hey guys!
Today I'm going to be completing another tag. I'm sorry that's 2 in a row, I was just stuck on what to post today. If you have any ideas or anything you'd like me to do, please comment below.
So I'm going to tag Harrietjacksonx and beautybyeden to do this tag but if you want to then please comment a link to your answers or email them to me at I'd love to read your answers!

1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand overall?
So if you've read my previous Rimmel vs Maybelline Post, you'll know that this is always a hard question for me because I just love both brands but overall, I would probably have to say Maybelline for their amazing concealers, mascaras and they brought us baby lips!

2. What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products?
Face would have to be Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum hands down. This is an amazing foundation. As for drugstore cheek products I'd probably say… Bourjois blushes and for lips I'd say BabyLips by Maybelline.

3. Least Favourite Product?
This one is quite hard for me but I'd probably say Rimmel's Scandal Eyes mascara. I got this free with my purchase and I can see why. It's terrible.

4. What is the best makeup bargain?
Probably BabyLips because they're so cheap and last so long!

5. What is your favourite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum! I'd never even heard of this until I borrowed it from someone and i'm very fussy when it comes to foundations but this one I cannot fault. It's great and I'll definitely be repurchasing it.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
I'm not all too sure about this one to be honest, sorry!

7. Your best drugstore dupe(s)?
My ultimate drugstore dupe would have to be Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara. It is just like Benefits Bad Gal mascara! The applicator, product, everything!

8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?
I would have to say Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer. I've heard so many people rave about this and so I bought it, excited to try it out. I don't even use it anymore because it doesn't cover under eye circles, blemishes or discolouration. It just really doesn't work well for me at all.

I hope you enjoyed this tag! Remember to comment below if you have any posts I could do in the future. Also let me know if you have any drugstore dupes or products that you'd recommend. I'd love to try them.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Confessions of a Beauty Guru Tag

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Hey guys,
So my best friend harrietjacksonx found this tag and I've been meaning to do it for some time now so here it is! We adapted it because it was originally for a you tuber.

1. How many hours a week do you spend writing blogs?
Well one blog post probably only takes me around 20/25 minutes but because I love writing these posts so much I write a few at a time and schedule them. His post was scheduled, I actually wrote it on 20-12-13. Then I was on Christmas break so I probably spent an hour a day looking and writing blogs whereas when I go back to school I probably spend an hour a week writing blogs.

2. Are you a spender or saver?
I used to be a saver but now I'm a spender, 100%

3. When is it easiest for you to post?
I usually write early in the morning and later and night because its more convenient.

4. What's your worst makeup/hair habit?
Not cleaning my brushes often enough and not using heat-protection spray.

5. How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
Proabably half an hour:
5 minutes in the shower
15 minutes drying and styling my hair 
5 minutes doing my makeup
5 minutes deciding what to wear and getting dressed

These were the only 5 questions that I found relevant to answer, the rest were about filming and things like that so sorry its short! Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Monday, 13 January 2014

New Nordic Hair Volume Tablets

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I have incredibly fine hair which really annoys me. It is very hard to style it so that it looks nice. I have tried multiple volumising shampoos, sprays, mousses etc and nothing seems to work.  My older sister has even finer hair than mines and it bugs her even more than me so one day when my Mum was flicking through a magazine, she found an advert for some hair volume tablets. We jumped on the opportunity to get some and went to Walgreens.

You take these tablets once every day for a month and you really do see great results. My sisters hair is much thicker now, as is mine. I would really recommend these hair tablets. The good thing is they aren't actual drugs either, they're for your diet which is better for you obviously. The only bad thing is that they smell like grass and they taste like they smell. If you can get past that, they really are great and my sister has repurchased them to thicken her hair further, I may also do the same. 

Another way to add volume is to use a teasing comb. I used to just use an ordinary comb and found that it just looked messy and knotted whereas now that I've bought a teasing comb and it really does add lots of volume without making your hair look messy. I would definitely recommend buying one of these if you have fine hair.

Thank you for reading. Do you have any tips for fine hair?

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Favourite TV Programmes

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I love watching tv and become addicted very easily to tv programmes so todays post is recommending some good tv programmes. I know that this isn't beauty and fashion related but you guys want some non-related things too, so here goes!

1. Pretty Little Liars
Oh my god. This programme! If you haven't watched it before, you NEED to! It's so good, but you have to watch it from the start otherwise it will be difficult to understand. Basically its about a group of friends and one of them is murdered. Then the other girls start to get threatening texts from an anonymous person (-A) and they are trying to figure out who -A is and who killed their friends. It is such a good, mysterious programme. I love it.
2. Friends
Who doesn't love Friends? I watch these episodes so many times. I know most of the lines to most of the episodes, especially the last episode. I can literally rehearse that whole episode. It is such a funny programme and I love it.

3. One Tree Hill
I love this programme too. It follows some teenagers from high school through their lives during seasons 1-4. Then in seasons 5-9 they have graduated but are still friends so its about their lives outside of high school. it is not real, its fiction, but its really good.

These are my top 3 programmes. I have them all on DVD and watch them on repeat. I've been getting my best friend and her sister into them and so far the love them, mainly Pretty Little Liars. if you haven't seen these programmes, I would definitely check them out.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Friday, 10 January 2014

Mini Beauty Haul

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So not too long ago, I went on a small beauty haul to Walgreens. I'm wasn't supposed to buy any makeup because I "have to much" but I managed to buy a few items so here's what I got!

1. Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Facial Cleanser
So this is a repurchase because I just love this cleanser. I find that it really does help my skin and its also quite inexpensive.

2. Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Spot Treatment
I didn't even know this existed so when I saw a whole range of products I jumped at the chance to get this treatment. I have been using it for a while now and I do have to say that I really like it and it does clear blemishes very well.

3. CoverGirl Smoochies
I bought 2 of these lip balms. They're flavoured and tinted so they both look, smell and taste very nice. I bought a girly pink colour and a darker red colour. I really like these. I'd never tried them before so it was a risk getting them but they are very pigmented and I look forward to getting some more.

4. Revlon Hair Teaser Comb
I've been needing a teaser comb for a while now because I have very fine hair. This comb really does help to boost your hair adding lots of volume. I would definitely recommend buying one if you too have very fine hair.

5. Milani Brow Kit in Light
This is a shadow brow kit and I love it! It has two different eyeshadow colours to be used on the brows. My set is in the shade light. It also has a highlighter for beneath the brow bone and several tools. It was a good purchase.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Whats on my iPhone?

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So I was asked to do this post by a very close friend, my best friend in fact after my "your wishes" post (If you haven't yet read that, please take a look and tell me how I can improve). I have often recommended apps to her and she wants me to do a post dedicated to great apps.

Also from my 'your wishes' post, I've been asked to do non-fashion and beauty related things as well so this is an all round post.

Anyway, I'll get on with what apps I have on my phone. I have an iPhone 4s and these are obviously all available for other apple phones and probably other phones too. Sorry, I don't know which, I'm not good when it comes to phones because I've only ever had an iPhone.

The photography related apps I have are:

  • Squaregram: Allowing you to fit bigger pictures onto instagram sized pics.
  • InstaEditor: My favourite editing app
  • PicLab HD: I use this for editing photos for my best friend (harrietjacksonx) and mines instagram fashion account. (Style_account if you're interested in following that) It allows you to add text etc.
  • Pic Collage: obviously its just to make a picture collage!

Social Networking:

  • Youtube: I don't have a channel, I view other peoples videos.
  • Snapchat: Allows you to send people pictures faster I find.
  • Instagram: To share photos. I have a personal account and style_account with my best friend.
  • Tumblr: I use this to follow inspirational quotes so that I can then write them in my quote book.
  • Bloglovin: I follow lots of blogs and my blog PinkCupcake7 is on their too.
  • We heart it: Get good fashion pictures.


  • IMDb: I love celebrities and it allows me to quickly gain access about a film or celebrity.
  • Shazam: An app that tells you what song is playing if you don't know the name.
  • HiFutureSelf: This is one of my favourite apps, I use it so often. You write a text out and then set a date time and its sends it to you at that moment. Its a great way to remember important things.
  • Reminder Free: I count down to exciting events. The ones i'm counting down to are: (Pretty Little Liars season 4B although it will already be done by the time this goes up. Sims 4 Release. Florida with my Best Friends. My Birthday. One Direction concert.)
  • Daily Mail: It has a tv and showbiz section where I get the celebrity gossip.


  • Match Dots: You match the same coloured dots in a certain number of moves or time.
  • Covet Fashion: This is a great fashion app! You design outfits that you then enter in events for a chance to win money to buy more clothes for other events.

Thank you for reading. Did you enjoy this type of post? Comment below or like if you did and I'll try and do more like this.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Monday, 6 January 2014

School Essentials

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Hey everyone,
Since school is starting again I thought I'd tell you what my school essentials are. These are both things like stationary, beauty and everything in general. I have a black satchel style bag for school because I find it more practical and i actually prefer the look of them. The bag below is not mine but mine is very similar.

I don't like to carry lots of beauty products around with me on a day to day basis, just the essentials. In my school we have a uniform and so in my pockets I keep:
  • An eos lip balm to keep my lips moisturised and hydrated.
  • Oil-absorbing sheets which are a lot easier to carry around than matte powder.
  • Hair grips and bands because you never know when you might need one.
  • Plasters because nobody knows when you're going to need one, whether it be for blisters or a cut! It's handy to have some on you.
  • Tablets because I know if you don't feel well you're supposed to go to the nurses room or whatever but they don't always give you what you need so I find it easier to carry some tablets with me just in case I don't feel well.
  • Tissues! Hardly anyone carries tissues and honestly, I get colds so often and hay fever and its much easier having tissues on you. Also when theres no toilet paper, you're sorted! Nobody carries them but they all seem to ask you for one!
  • Perfume because at a long school day, it's always good to have something to make you smell more fresh and it is a big confidence booster as well when you smell great. I carry a travalo.
  • Hand Sanitizer because it is so gross when you put your hand in something you wish you hadn't so its great to have some hand sanitizer to clean your hands with.
  • Sweets. I like to carry a packet of mints or refreshers because I have low-blood sugar and so often lack of sugar makes me feel light headed or have headache so  I like to carry these for a sugar boost throughout the day. I also end up handing them out to everyone

In my bag I can carry lots more things and so this is what I keep in my bag:
  • Always make sure you have a notebook. In my school, these things are provided for you but I like to keep some spare paper in my bag just in case.
  • A pencil case filled with stationary. Everyone always comes to me when they need a pen or pencil or tipex or anything because they know I'm prepared. It's just much easier to have everything you need and not need to ask everyone to borrow things.
  • Breath spray. It sounds stupid but those days when its garlic bread for lunch you'll be thankful that you have some breath spray on you!
  • Deodorant because like I said, the school day is very long and especially after PE it's nice to have something to make you smell nice because it really does boost your confidence.
  • Concealer just incase you get a really bad breakout. It really does make you feel better when you know that you've taken care of that.
Obviously I also carry school textbooks etc but these are the essentials for me. 

What are your school bag essentials?
Thanks for reading!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Disappointing Beauty Products of 2013

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Hi everyone!
So the other day I did my favourite products of 2013 and obviously with favourites come disappointing products so today I thought I'd tell you about disappointing products I have bought and will not be repurchasing.

1. Tresemme Dry Shampoo
Ok, so I purchased this product simply looking for a solution to days when I don't want to wash my hair and it looks really greasy because I struggle with my hair. I have to wash it every day otherwise it looks disgustingly greasy and feels horrible. So anyway, I bought this product hoping to find a solution to this problem and I was thoroughly disappointed with this dry shampoo. I sprayed it on my hair as normal, brushed it through and did everything it said on the bottle and then when I looked in the mirror, my hair was grey! I had to wash it out immediately which completely defeated the object of the dry shampoo, I tried it again later only to find the same result so I threw it in the bin and will never buy it again.

2. Rimmel scandal eyes mascara
Ok, so you guys have heard me rant about this mascara from the day I got it. It is clumpy and horrible! The applicator is huge and very inconvenient, overall, its just a terrible mascara.

3. maybelline dream matte mousse
This mousse foundation is orange. I have it in the shade 'light' and if I put it on, even if I work it right into my skin, it looks orange, it really is a bad foundation.

4 maybelline dream bouncy blush
This product really appealed to me. The colours were so pretty and they had samples, now I see why, its their only selling point! These blushes feel spongey and 'bouncy' like it says in the name but they are not pigmented at all and you can't even see that you're wearing any.

5. Fructis Triple Nutrition
I've ranted about this product before. I bought it because it says that it is for the face, skin and hair. It is supposed to make everything look and feel healthy. Really it feels like oil when you put it on your skin and if you put it in you hair, it looks greasy and the strands separate to look like straw! It is nothing what they make it out to be and I really regret buying it.

6. Got 2 B Salt Infusion Spray
So another product that I was really excited to try was this salt infusion waving spray. I saw an advert for this and it really looked appealing not having to use heat. If you have ever seen the advert, the girls hair looks like 'mermaid' hair, perfectly crimped and looking great although when I tried it myself, this was the result:

This hair just looks like I haven't brushed it, not wavy at all. It also makes it feel salty, like you've been in the sea and not just washed your hair. Overall I was majorly disappointed with this product.

7. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
I just don't think that this concealer is worth the hype. It really doesn't cover under eye circles, blemishes or discolouration so overall I was genuinely disappointed with this concealer.

Ok, sorry to rant so much but at least now you'll know not to buy these products!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo

Friday, 3 January 2014

2013 Beauty and Fashion Favourites

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 Hey guys,

So this is the first favourites post I've ever done and so I've started on quite a big one - Yearly Favourites. Since I am a beauty and fashion blogger, these will all be beauty and fashion related: makeup, hair care, skin care, outfits, ranges etc. I've split my post into 2, beauty and fashion so that those who are only keen on one can just read that part. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
This products is all-round great. I love the light coverage feel it gives to your skin and I love the fact that it looks great but feels nice on your skin and looks natural. It is very inexpensive but worth it. It also smells like strawberries! < Always a plus!

2. Rimmel Eyeliner
This is a newly found product for me. I wanted a black eyeliner and asked my older sister if she had one, she said I could have this Rimmel one and I'm so glad she did! I am running out of this eyeliner so I tried looking for another black eyeliner and after purchasing a couple, I realised that nothing was as good as my Rimmel one!

3. Sun in Spray
I bought this spray as I desperately wanted to dye my hair but wasn't allowed and it really does my a difference! You simply spray in a little and either blow dry it or 'let the sun do the work' and the next day, your hair looks genuinely lighter. I've had so many people ask me if I've dyed my hair and its all thanks to sun in!

4. Neutrogena Acne Cleanser
I love this cleanser, it is my favourite hands down. I really do think its the best out there, for me it tops all of my decleor and dermalogica cleansers. I have purchased so many of these and would definitely recommend it for all of you!

5. Dial Soy and Almond Milk Body Wash
Oh. My. Gosh. The smell of this body wash… it is so good. Honestly, it is my favourite scent. It reminds me a lot of a coconut scent but its actually soy and almond milk. This is my favourite body wash, I've repurchased it countless times and will be in the future. Again, its so inexpensive too!

6. Satin Care Shaving foam
I only started using shaving foam this year and let me tell you, it makes shaving your legs so much faster and easier! I have once again repurchased this product so many times and will be in the future - its great! It also lasts for such a long time!

7. Freeman Face Masks
Ok, so you've heard me rave about these in so many of my posts so I'm not going to go too much into it today but lets just say, these things are my saviours on a bad skin day… they're amazing!

8. Baby Lips
Everyone loves baby lips! See my first blog post for my review on them… pretty much all positive!

9. Eos lip balms
These are so moisturising and great. The smells and tastes are also just delicious. I love them so much and can't wait to collect more!

1. Shops
So once again I've been loving lots of shops but this year my love for the shops Aeropostale, Pac Sun, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have grown. My style has changed ALOT over the past year, past few months actually. I've grown to be a lot more daring and not care as much what people think. I'm a lot more confident and try to wear some more wild clothes every now and again, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I mix it up a bit more and don't always 'play it safe'. I have to say, I'm so glad, shopping and styling is so much more enjoyable now and these shops are to thank for it.

2. Leggings and Jumpers
I've always loved leggings but just as much as jeans but this year I have worn leggings probably 85% of the time, I've bought probably 10 more pairs of leggings because I wear them that often. I really do love them, especially with jumpers. I just think that they're so alternative, you can wear them dressed-up or down and they're always so comfortable.

3. The Bethany Mota Collection by Aeropostale.
I LOVE this collection. I've only just heard of Bethany Mota (A well-known you tuber) as I've only just become part of the youtube world and I noticed she had a range in Aeropostale but didn't realise that ALL of the clothes on my most recent shopping trip are actually from her range, nothing from the others. I'm absolutely in love with her collection and would really recommend checking it out.

So these are my 2013 favourites! I hope you enjoyed this post

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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