Sunday, 5 January 2014

Disappointing Beauty Products of 2013

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
Hi everyone!
So the other day I did my favourite products of 2013 and obviously with favourites come disappointing products so today I thought I'd tell you about disappointing products I have bought and will not be repurchasing.

1. Tresemme Dry Shampoo
Ok, so I purchased this product simply looking for a solution to days when I don't want to wash my hair and it looks really greasy because I struggle with my hair. I have to wash it every day otherwise it looks disgustingly greasy and feels horrible. So anyway, I bought this product hoping to find a solution to this problem and I was thoroughly disappointed with this dry shampoo. I sprayed it on my hair as normal, brushed it through and did everything it said on the bottle and then when I looked in the mirror, my hair was grey! I had to wash it out immediately which completely defeated the object of the dry shampoo, I tried it again later only to find the same result so I threw it in the bin and will never buy it again.

2. Rimmel scandal eyes mascara
Ok, so you guys have heard me rant about this mascara from the day I got it. It is clumpy and horrible! The applicator is huge and very inconvenient, overall, its just a terrible mascara.

3. maybelline dream matte mousse
This mousse foundation is orange. I have it in the shade 'light' and if I put it on, even if I work it right into my skin, it looks orange, it really is a bad foundation.

4 maybelline dream bouncy blush
This product really appealed to me. The colours were so pretty and they had samples, now I see why, its their only selling point! These blushes feel spongey and 'bouncy' like it says in the name but they are not pigmented at all and you can't even see that you're wearing any.

5. Fructis Triple Nutrition
I've ranted about this product before. I bought it because it says that it is for the face, skin and hair. It is supposed to make everything look and feel healthy. Really it feels like oil when you put it on your skin and if you put it in you hair, it looks greasy and the strands separate to look like straw! It is nothing what they make it out to be and I really regret buying it.

6. Got 2 B Salt Infusion Spray
So another product that I was really excited to try was this salt infusion waving spray. I saw an advert for this and it really looked appealing not having to use heat. If you have ever seen the advert, the girls hair looks like 'mermaid' hair, perfectly crimped and looking great although when I tried it myself, this was the result:

This hair just looks like I haven't brushed it, not wavy at all. It also makes it feel salty, like you've been in the sea and not just washed your hair. Overall I was majorly disappointed with this product.

7. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
I just don't think that this concealer is worth the hype. It really doesn't cover under eye circles, blemishes or discolouration so overall I was genuinely disappointed with this concealer.

Ok, sorry to rant so much but at least now you'll know not to buy these products!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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