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How to: Making your own BB cream

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So for all you makeup horders out there, this will be a great post for you. I myself, love to collect makeup but buying a lot becomes very hard when you only have so much money. I've desperately been wanting a good BB cream to use because I don't feel my skin needs a foundation as I am only a teenager and don't want to use too many products on my skin everyday. My skin has also been very dry recently and I thought that a tinted moisturiser or BB cream (Beauty Balm) would help it but like I said, one wasn't in the budget so I decided to use products I already had to make my own.

Things You'll Need:
Primer (optional)
Suncream (optional)
Makeup Brush or sponge

1. So if you're wanting to make a large portion of BB cream at one time, I would suggest getting a small pot or container to keep it in but in my case, I just like to make a little amount each day on the back of my hand, either works fine. First you'll need to put some primer in the pot or on your hand. I used Rimmel's Fix and perfect primer. The amount depends on how much you want to make but remember not to use too much primers it doesn't need to consist of much primer, just enough to keep the BB cream on your skin all day.

2. Now add some sun cream. Because I used Simple's Protecting Moisturiser, I didn't need to add sun cream but if yours doesn't I would recommend adding some. This step isn't crucial but most BB creams tend to have sun cream in them. You don't need a lot of this either.

3. Now add your moisturiser. Like I said before, I used Simple's Protecting Moisturiser but any moisturiser that works for you will be fine. Your BB cream will consist of mainly moisturiser and foundation so you should use more of this product than the previous ones but still not as much as your foundation. Using too much moisturiser can make your BB cream look bad on your skin.

4. Now take your foundation. It is often enter to use a foundation that is a shade darker than your skin tone because the moisturiser can make it lighter but if you for have any darker foundation then using your normal shade should work fine. I used Rimmel's True Match Foundation in the colour Classic Ivory. You'll need to add the most of this foundation because the BB cream should mainly be foundation. I used one full pump which lasts me one full use but if you're making enough to last longer then you'll obviously need to use more.

5. The final step is to blend all of the products together. If you made the BB cream on the back of your hand, use a makeup brush or I used my Beauty Blender in a pat and twist motion to blend the products together but if you are making it in a pot, I would suggest using a spoon, stick or the end of a makeup brush to blend it. After that, you should have a BB cream ready to use but you can change the cream by adding more products to how you like it.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It is obviously easier to buy a BB cream but I think that this DIY trick is a nice way to save money and use up products that are sitting at the back of your cupboard. If you have any makeup tips or requests of posts you'd like me to do in the future, please comment below or email me at: Also let me know if you like these types of posts and I'l do more in the future.

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