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I Love Drugstore Makeup Tag

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Hey guys!
Today I'm going to be completing another tag. I'm sorry that's 2 in a row, I was just stuck on what to post today. If you have any ideas or anything you'd like me to do, please comment below.
So I'm going to tag Harrietjacksonx and beautybyeden to do this tag but if you want to then please comment a link to your answers or email them to me at I'd love to read your answers!

1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand overall?
So if you've read my previous Rimmel vs Maybelline Post, you'll know that this is always a hard question for me because I just love both brands but overall, I would probably have to say Maybelline for their amazing concealers, mascaras and they brought us baby lips!

2. What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products?
Face would have to be Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum hands down. This is an amazing foundation. As for drugstore cheek products I'd probably say… Bourjois blushes and for lips I'd say BabyLips by Maybelline.

3. Least Favourite Product?
This one is quite hard for me but I'd probably say Rimmel's Scandal Eyes mascara. I got this free with my purchase and I can see why. It's terrible.

4. What is the best makeup bargain?
Probably BabyLips because they're so cheap and last so long!

5. What is your favourite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum! I'd never even heard of this until I borrowed it from someone and i'm very fussy when it comes to foundations but this one I cannot fault. It's great and I'll definitely be repurchasing it.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
I'm not all too sure about this one to be honest, sorry!

7. Your best drugstore dupe(s)?
My ultimate drugstore dupe would have to be Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara. It is just like Benefits Bad Gal mascara! The applicator, product, everything!

8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?
I would have to say Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer. I've heard so many people rave about this and so I bought it, excited to try it out. I don't even use it anymore because it doesn't cover under eye circles, blemishes or discolouration. It just really doesn't work well for me at all.

I hope you enjoyed this tag! Remember to comment below if you have any posts I could do in the future. Also let me know if you have any drugstore dupes or products that you'd recommend. I'd love to try them.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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