Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Favourite TV Programmes

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I love watching tv and become addicted very easily to tv programmes so todays post is recommending some good tv programmes. I know that this isn't beauty and fashion related but you guys want some non-related things too, so here goes!

1. Pretty Little Liars
Oh my god. This programme! If you haven't watched it before, you NEED to! It's so good, but you have to watch it from the start otherwise it will be difficult to understand. Basically its about a group of friends and one of them is murdered. Then the other girls start to get threatening texts from an anonymous person (-A) and they are trying to figure out who -A is and who killed their friends. It is such a good, mysterious programme. I love it.
2. Friends
Who doesn't love Friends? I watch these episodes so many times. I know most of the lines to most of the episodes, especially the last episode. I can literally rehearse that whole episode. It is such a funny programme and I love it.

3. One Tree Hill
I love this programme too. It follows some teenagers from high school through their lives during seasons 1-4. Then in seasons 5-9 they have graduated but are still friends so its about their lives outside of high school. it is not real, its fiction, but its really good.

These are my top 3 programmes. I have them all on DVD and watch them on repeat. I've been getting my best friend and her sister into them and so far the love them, mainly Pretty Little Liars. if you haven't seen these programmes, I would definitely check them out.

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