Monday, 6 January 2014

School Essentials

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Hey everyone,
Since school is starting again I thought I'd tell you what my school essentials are. These are both things like stationary, beauty and everything in general. I have a black satchel style bag for school because I find it more practical and i actually prefer the look of them. The bag below is not mine but mine is very similar.

I don't like to carry lots of beauty products around with me on a day to day basis, just the essentials. In my school we have a uniform and so in my pockets I keep:
  • An eos lip balm to keep my lips moisturised and hydrated.
  • Oil-absorbing sheets which are a lot easier to carry around than matte powder.
  • Hair grips and bands because you never know when you might need one.
  • Plasters because nobody knows when you're going to need one, whether it be for blisters or a cut! It's handy to have some on you.
  • Tablets because I know if you don't feel well you're supposed to go to the nurses room or whatever but they don't always give you what you need so I find it easier to carry some tablets with me just in case I don't feel well.
  • Tissues! Hardly anyone carries tissues and honestly, I get colds so often and hay fever and its much easier having tissues on you. Also when theres no toilet paper, you're sorted! Nobody carries them but they all seem to ask you for one!
  • Perfume because at a long school day, it's always good to have something to make you smell more fresh and it is a big confidence booster as well when you smell great. I carry a travalo.
  • Hand Sanitizer because it is so gross when you put your hand in something you wish you hadn't so its great to have some hand sanitizer to clean your hands with.
  • Sweets. I like to carry a packet of mints or refreshers because I have low-blood sugar and so often lack of sugar makes me feel light headed or have headache so  I like to carry these for a sugar boost throughout the day. I also end up handing them out to everyone

In my bag I can carry lots more things and so this is what I keep in my bag:
  • Always make sure you have a notebook. In my school, these things are provided for you but I like to keep some spare paper in my bag just in case.
  • A pencil case filled with stationary. Everyone always comes to me when they need a pen or pencil or tipex or anything because they know I'm prepared. It's just much easier to have everything you need and not need to ask everyone to borrow things.
  • Breath spray. It sounds stupid but those days when its garlic bread for lunch you'll be thankful that you have some breath spray on you!
  • Deodorant because like I said, the school day is very long and especially after PE it's nice to have something to make you smell nice because it really does boost your confidence.
  • Concealer just incase you get a really bad breakout. It really does make you feel better when you know that you've taken care of that.
Obviously I also carry school textbooks etc but these are the essentials for me. 

What are your school bag essentials?
Thanks for reading!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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