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Benefit Brand Review

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Hi everyone,
So today I wanted to do another review because I don't feel like I've been doing enough of them recently. However, today instead of reviewing a product, I wanted to review a brand and I chose benefit. I don't own all that many Benefit Cosmetics because they are a high-end brand and I tend to opt more for drugstore makeup but I do have some. All the products mentioned are linked.

So I have two concealers from benefit that came in my 'Primpcess' Set. I have depoted them on the photo so thats why they are like that. I'm also sorry that they are so messy, as you can see, I've used them quite a bit. The two concealers are Boi-ing Concealer and the Eye Bright Brightener. The concealer is quite orange tinted and I find it difficult to blend because it isn't very creamy but it does give good coverage. I really like the eye brightener because the pink colour of the concealer cancels out the dark blue tones from dark circles and really brighten your eyes, I really like that product but again its difficult to blend.

As part of my Primpcess kit, I also have the R.S.V.P creaseless cream shadow and three colours that came in the set. I have depoted them so thats why they look like that but I find that a combination of these colours really do allow your eyes to look pretty but very natural. I love these eyeshadows, particularly the cream shadow. I often use it as a base for my shadow but it look great on its own because it is really pink, subtle but shimmery and pretty, one of my favourite eyeshadows.

I only have one benefit blush and its called Thrrrob! In the pot, this blush doesn't look like a very nice colour, however on, it gives a very natural flush of colour to your cheeks and I love it.

I have been trying the Porefessional primer and I'm sure you've heard its of people rave about this. It really is worth the rave, it does minimise the appearance of pores and helps allow your makeup to stay on all day, it is also very moisturising. It is my favourite primer and is definitely worth the rave.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash is the mascara I got in my Primpcess kit too and it is a great volumising, lengthening mascara but it isn't for me. I have very long lashes and don't like mascaras that make that even more dramatic. However for people who like their lashes to look like false eyelashes, this is definitely good for you.

I have both High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl but only in mini versions. Girl Meets Pearl is much more subtle and pink toned but high Beam is a lot brighter and more noticeable, they are both very good highlighters but I find Girl Meets Pearl a little difficult to apply with it being in a squeezy tube.

I have two mini lip glosses and love both of them, the colours are really pretty and these smell very nice. The only downside is that they are very sticky which a lot of people find extremely annoying, for me, I don't mind that too much.

Overall, I think that Benefit is a good brand but some products are overpriced and you can get drugstore dupes that are just as good. Most of these products I got for free though but if I had to pay for them, I probably wouldn't have. I also just want to say that some of these products are older and not available anymore but I've tried my best to find them and link them in this post, sorry about that.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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