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Fresh Minerals Powder Foundation Review

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
Hey guys!
As I've said in many previous posts, I'm not much of a foundation person. I'd love to be but to be honest I don't tend to find any that I like. Only 2: Bourjois Healthy mix Serum and Fresh Minerals Powder Foundation. I have very awkward skin, it tends to have a lot of redness and can't decide whether its dry or oily. This is extremely annoying because my forehead and the bridge of my nose are extremely oily, whereas my chin and around my nose are very dry. This makes it very difficult to find foundations that compliment both skin types. However with this powder foundation I'm going to be reviewing today, its not the case, I'll tell you why. Also I wanted to say that all products mentioned are linked if you click on them.

So this is a powder foundation and I use a real techniques multi-task brush to apply it. I find that this gives me the correct amount of product and this brush really helps me to blend the foundation in well. I love this foundation because it give a nice coverage but still allows your natural skin to shine through. It is a little orange tinted but not over the top which I like because it makes me look quite glowy and not too pale. It also makes my skin look quite dewy and nice. 

This powder foundation had two different sections. One contains 'radiant' coverage and the other 'natural'. Personally I prefer the natural one because the radiant one can look very shiny and glimmery. Both are good though. 

I got this powder foundation in a set with a primer and kabuki brush. The brush is fantastic, I think it's similar to the real techniques stippling Brush but smaller. The primer so terrible though! You can see it on your face and it feels horrible and greasy.

The only disadvantage with this product is the fact that its powder. I like that in terms of coverage and texture because it feels light on your skin and doesn't look cakey but since its powder, its very messy. When you open the lid, powder tend to fly out and if you tip the right amount onto the lid, it can make a mess, also when trying to tighten the lid this happens. The powder is orange like I mentioned earlier so when wiping it off a wooden or white surface, it can leave stains and get into the grooves but if you can get past this and learn to do it more neatly, I would definitely recommend buying it because it is my favourite foundation.

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