Monday, 3 March 2014

Jessica Simpson Lipglosses Review

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
I love lip glosses. I have way too many because I just can't get enough of them so to say something is my favourite lipgloss is a big deal. Today I'm going to be reviewing these Jessica Simpson Lipglosses for you and I can officially say that they are my favourite lip glosses.

These lip glosses are extremely difficult to get your hands on now, I've tried my best to find a link to where you can buy them from but I've found it very difficult so I've only been able to find an ebay link. If you are thinking about buying these then please act quickly because they are only available until the 9th of March. Mine were a present that I got a while ago so I'm not sure where else they're available. To purchase the nude one click here. To purchase the pink on click here. One is a lot more expensive in these links too because obviously its the ebay so its the price they want to sell it for. People also sell sets of these lip glosses and other beauty products so I'd recommend checking those out too.

These lip glosses are fantastic. I have two colours, a nude and a pink sparkly one, both of which I love. I think that the nude one is from the Dessert Range and is called Creamy and the pink one is from the taste range and is called delicious. The colours are gorgeous and they are surprisingly very pigmented but thats not the thing I love most about these. These lip glosses are flavoured and it both smells and tastes amazing. I can hardly keep this product on my lips because they taste so great that you constantly are licking your lips! 

I would 100% recommend these lip glosses. I wish they were still as easy to purchase because if they were, I'd be sure to get the whole collection.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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