Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites

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So its the time of month again for March favourites and I've had a lot of favourites this month but not all too many beauty ones. There aren't as many products in this months favourite post but I've still got a few.

1. Homemade Lipsticks
So if you saw my 'How To: Making Lipstick' post then you'll know that recently I've made my own lipsticks. I really love that method and its so much cheaper than buying lipsticks. It's so fun too, I definitely recommend it.

2. Maryland Gooeys Chocolate Cookies
I love chocolate and I love cookies so when I saw these maryland cookies that had melted chocolate on the inside, I was desperate to try them out. They are so delicious. They're my new favourite biscuits.

3. Candles
I've been into candles from the beginning of this year as you know but this month, I've purchased lots more candles and tealights which I love so they have to make it into my favourites post once again.

4. Witch Pore Minimising Foaming Cleanser
This is a nice foaming cleanser that I use twice a week as well as my normal cleanser. I really like this because I feel that it helps keep my skin clear. As for pores, I'm not so sure it minimises them because I have quite large pores and I find it very difficult to find products that help that but I ill repurchase this because it helps clear my skin.

5. Dove Nourishing Hair Care Condtioner
I've started to use conditioner in the ends of my hair and I really like it. I love this shampoo and conditioner.

6. Fashion Magazines
Recently I've been really into the fashion magazines. I've been purchasing Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Glamour and Company magazine. I really enjoy reading these. In the future I might do a fashion magazine comparison. If you'd like that, let me know.

7. #Nomakeupselfie for Cancer Research.
I've really loved the huge amounts that the no makeup selfies have been raising. In the first 24 hours it raised £2million which is such a big amount. I think its such a nice way to raise money to help cancer research just by posting no makeup selfies. If you haven't already, join in and post a photo of you without makeup and nominate 3 others to do it too and donate £3 to cancer research by texting 'BEAT' to 70009. Spread the word!

8. Frozen
This honestly has been my favourite film since it came out but this month I've especially been obsessed with it. My best friend and I can't stop singing the songs as the soundtrack is amazing and I really love the storyline too. I think that the newer disney princess animations aren't as good as the 'old-school' Disney (except Tangled! I love that too!) but this film really is great and I would 100% recommend it. In fact it actually comes out in the UK today and I'm really looking forward to purchasing it.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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