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My Makeup/Beauty Collection

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Hi guys!
So I've been meaning to do this post for a while and have just gotten around to doing it. This is my Makeup Collection, I'm obviously not trying to show off, this is just a nice and fun post to do and can also give some tips on how to store makeup. Also, I'd like to point out that I have a lot of nail polishes because my sister used to be a beautician and so she brought back a lot of products for free. Also, you'll obviously be seeing a lot of my make-up in this post and so if you see any that you'd like to see a review on, just a leave a comment below.

So I store my makeup in some small storage boxes in my wardrobe. You can get these boxes most places honestly.

First I'm going to go through the left-hand side box. In the top box, I keep all of my eyeshadow palettes. This ranges from palettes from Claires to Mac Palettes.

In the next draw, I have single eyeshadows, eyeliners, eyebrow products and mascaras.

In the bottom draw I have some hair accessories. My hair tools and sprays are in a different box but some of my accessories are in this box.

Then moving onto the right-hand side box. In the top draw, I have primers, foundations, concealers etc.

Then in the next draw down, I have lipsticks and lip balms.

In the bottom draw, I keep lip glosses, blushes and highlighters.

On top of the boxes, I have my makeup bag with my everyday makeup in and also my brushes in my makeup brush holder that I made. Previously I've done a DIY makeup brush holder post that you can see too.

I have three heart shaped boxes. In the top one, I keep miscellaneous things. In the middle I keep nail polish remover, cotton wool etc.. and in the bottom I keep my nail polishes in colour order.

I also have a drawer where I keep sprays. Hairspray, body sprays, perfumes, deodorants… all of them!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you'd like a more in-depth post of my collection let me know below.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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