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Pretty Little Liars Tag (PLL #1)

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Hey guys!

I have been so excited for this post! Since Pretty Little Liars is one of my tops 3 favourite tv shows and is so popular all over the world, I thought I'd start a Pretty Little Liars series. This is the first post and I am going to do the Pretty Little Liars Tag. This already is an existing tag but I have altered a few of the questions and have taken some questions because they no longer make sense with the current storyline. I tag anybody that wants to take part. If you are not up to date with Pretty Little Liars then don't read this because I would hate to spoil it for you!

1. Who is your favourite character?
This is difficult because I have to say, I love all of the liars but if I had to choose a favourite I would probably say Hanna or Spencer maybe. I like Hanna a lot because of her personality but I really enjoy watching scenes with Spencer in them because she's bound to piece something together.

2. Who do you think is behind the A-Team?
See this ones a difficult one. I'm really not so sure. Right when I have a theory, it gets knocked down when we find new answers so I'm not really sure! Comment your theories below.

3. Who do you ship?
Hmm… Aria and Jake, Hanna and Caleb, Spencer and Toby and I'm not so sure about Emily… Not Paige, thats for sure!

4. Most memorable cheesy moment?
I don't remember any in particular really.

5. Favourite Villain?
I really liked Mona because she had such a split personality and I just loved her as a villain!

6. Who do you think might become a villain?
To be honest, I'm pretty suspicious of everyone we love because just when the audience begins to love a character, they turn out to be bad so I'm not sure. It wouldn't surprise me if anyone became a villain because with this show, it could be anyone.

7. Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A?
I think that all the girls have been hurt a lot by A but the most I'd probably say Hanna because of the thing with her Mum and jail and being hit by a car etc etc. So yeah, I'd probably say Hanna.

8. Which girls style do you love the most?
I don't like Spencer's style at all but as for the others, I like them all however if I had to choose one, I'd probably say Emilys.

9. Who's your crush on the show?
I love Jake and Jason but as for personality, I'd say Toby… so pretty much all of them!

10. Who is your least favourite character on the show? (out of everyone and out of the 4 girls)
Least favourite out of everybody would have to be Paige, she really gets on my nerves getting into everybody's business. Out of the girls, probably Emily because I think she gets herself into a lot of trouble and sometimes it really annoys me.

11. What was the most shocking moment for you?
Probably Ezra being A (or so we thought) and Ali being alive. Even though both of these things were pretty predictable I never thought they'd actually happen.

12. What would you do if A was after you?
Not leave my windows and doors unlocked, my curtains open, go out alone, got out in the dark.. pretty much all the things they do! No, I'd be a real wimp.

13. What has been your favourite episode so far?
I really liked the halloween episode on the train (Season 3) and the mid-season finale and finale of season 4. I love all episodes but these have to be stand out ones for me.

14. Which of the girls do you think you relate to the most?
I'm not really sure. I'm not really like any of them but if I had to choose one, it would probably be Spencer because I'm a lot more about the academic things than sports and things like that.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this tag.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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