Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Travelling Tips

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Hey guys,

Today I'm going to tell you some tips for travel. I travel a lot so use these often, these are mainly for  an airplane ride but you could use them for other types of travel too. Also please see my Wednesday Post for Travelling Hair, makeup and outfit ideas and look on Wednesday for my hand luggage essentials.

Tip 1: Drink Lots Of Water
This is a must for long journeys, especially airplane journeys. Your skin will get so dry, your throat will feel dry and you can also get dehydration. Obviously you could drink other things but I find that water works best. It keeps your skin and throat hydrated.

Tip 2: Carry Water Spray
I take a small squirty bottle from Simple. It lasts a long time and even when it runs out you can easily replace it with water. I just find that this keeps your skin hydrated too. Due to being thousands of feet in the air, there is lack of moisture which you'll really feel, so I find it nice to keep my skin hydrated and healthy on the plane.

Tip 3: Chew on Sweets during take-off, taxi and landing.
I take a pack of refreshers and it stops your ears from popping which can often hurt your head or be painful. Also its an excuse to eat sweets!

Tip 4: Take snacks.
Personally I find plane food disgusting and others do too because they obviously can't make you a proper meal with hundreds of people to feed with little  space and no oven! The food can often be really disgusting and it may be difficult and unhealthy to last multiply hours without food.

Tip 5: Sleep.
It sounds obvious but so many people get carried away with the films that they forget to have a sleep. It really does help you with jet-lag and it makes the time pass much faster.

Tip 6: Stretch your legs.
This will also help with jet lag and it makes you feel much better and refreshed on the plane.

Tip 7: Watch films!
Lots of people would recommend you do other things and avoid the tv which I disagree with. Obviously do still do things like eat, sleep and stretch your legs but I find that watching just a few things can make the time pass so much quicker. My flight is 9 hours and thats basically just 4 films! If you enjoy them, the time goes so much faster!

These are my main tips for travel, this is what I do every time and they really do work. I hope I helped those of you travelling soon!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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