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What's in my hand luggage?

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Hi guys!
So I travel a lot. 8 times a year actually because I have a holiday home abroad. This means I definitely know what to pack when it comes to entertaining yourself on a 9-hour flight. My best friend harrietjacksonx is coming on holiday with me in a couple of days and she's eager to know what I pack in my hand luggage (travel-on bag) and so I thought why not do a post and show you all? Obviously these things won't suit everyone but I just that I'd show you whats in my travel-on bag.

1. A Puzzle Book
On a 9 hour flight, you have to entertain yourself and sometimes good films aren't on the plane so I always take a puzzle book. I've packed 2 in my travel case: A Celebrity Puzzler Book and an ordinary Puzzle Book with crosswords, sudokus, word searches.. the whole lot. This just keeps you entertained for a while and you can easily go back to it.

2. A Notebook and Pens
I try to carry a small notebook with me because you never know when you might get an idea you need to write down or just something you'd need paper for. And ALWAYS make sure you have a few pens. It is so annoying when you sit down to do a word search and realise you didn't pack a pen or when your pen dies on you and you don't have another. Learning from past experiences, I always take a pen.

3. A small beauty bag
I take a see-through plastic bag with me filled with beauty products. A tip is to make sure you put it in a see-through plastic bag because otherwise you'll find yourself emptying all your products at the airport. Also make sure they are travel sized items because you're not allowed to exceed the limit for liquid items. I don't take any makeup on the plane with me except lip balm because nobody cares on the airplane, everybody looks shocking! I take: tissues, hand sanitizer, grips, bobbles, a mirror, a hair brush (for overnight travel, those static pillows are such a pain!), lip balm and a water spray to keep my skin hydrated.

4. My iPod
I cannot go on any journey without my iPod. I listen to it the whole journey, when I'm sleeping, eating and I even use my own headphones for the tv because theirs never stay on and are really bad quality so I'd always recommend taking some headphones and a musical device. Also make sure its fully charged because there nothing worse than it running out of battery mid-song!

5. A book (optional)
I don't always take a book because it depends whether I'm into reading at the time. I have to find a great book to actually read so if I do its great because I really can get stuck into it on the plane and it makes the time go a lot faster.

6. Homework or Work
This is boring but a plane journey is the best time to do it. When else do you have 9 hours to sit down? You're bored anyway so you may as well get it done then and then you can enjoy your holiday!

I also take my mini pillow pet (childish I know) but I've had it since I was small and its really comforting and small and easy to take on the plane. I just find it much more comforting than those static pillows! Also remember socks and a jacket because its cold thousands of feet in the air! Theres nothing worse than being cold for 9 hours straight and having nothing you can do about it.

This may seem like a lot but do remember that this is a 9 hour flight and I get bored easily without my phone or computer. I also just wanted to say that since I'm on holiday, me and my best friend may tim some vlogs and videos for our blog all about our stay in Florida so keep reading our posts and look at harrietjacksonx posts too for more videos and vlogs. Also comment below any Florida or summer-themed videos or posts you'd like us to do or email me at and we'll try to do as many as possible.

These are my main travel-on items. I also have a post on travelling tips and travelling outfits/hair/makeup so look at those if you are travelling soon or want some tips.

What are your travel essentials?

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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