Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Comparing Fashion Magazines

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
I have recently been really into fashion/beauty magazines. I know that there are lots of magazines out there and sometimes you can't afford to buy them all so I thought I'd compare them to find my favourite.

1. Seventeen Magazine
This is probably the most popular beauty/fashion magazine with lots of celebrities on the cover and throughout. I really love this magazine because it doesn't have too many adverts in it which is something I hate and they are all relevant and affordable drugstore products that I would actually like to look at. These magazines are worth reading cover to cover which is unusual for me. It has hair and makeup ideas and trends as well as interviews with celebrities and fashion pages.

2. Teen Vogue
I also really like this magazine. It has a lot more adverts than Seventeen magazine but some of them do have perfume scents which I like. It also has a celebrity on the cover with an interview inside. I find that this magazine has a lot of fashion pages whereas I think Seventeen is more of a mixture of makeup, hair and fashion.

3. Glamour
With this magazine, there is often a free makeup product with it which is obviously great and they're of surprisingly good quality. It also has lots of samples throughout which I like. This magazine is slightly thicker as it has a lot more adverts inside which I don't like because it causes me to not read the whole of the magazine, only interviews and the odd tips page.

4. Company
I bought this magazine because it had Zoella on it (youtuber/beauty guru). This also came with a free mascara which I liked but the magazine itself I wouldn't rate too much. I enjoyed the interview but the rest had a lot of adverts and pages that I jus skipped.

Overall I think my favourite fashion magazine is Seventeen with Teen Vogue close behind but I do enjoy reading most. Which would you recommend I try?

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