Friday, 11 April 2014

DIY: Lipstick Holder

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
As my lipstick collection is growing and I would like to re-sort out my makeup storage so I decided I wanted to have all my lipsticks on display by storing them in a lipstick holder. After researching lipstick holders I realised that they cost a lot of money for something that was just a piece of plastic. I watched a youtube video on how to make one yourself and thats what I am going to show you today.

Things you'll need:
Glue gun or double sided tape
7 day Pill organiser (I got mine for a dollar from Dollar Tree)

1. Take your pill organiser and snap off the lid to each of the days and throw them in bin. Be careful not to snap the plastics though. I accidentally snapped a few of the boxes.

2. Now take all of the pill boxes out of the big box and line it with double sided tape or glue. 

3. Now secure your boxes in the big box.

4. This is optional but you could cut off the lid of the box.

Now you have your lipstick holder! I think this is a really inexpensive way to store your lipsticks instead of spending a lot of money on something that is exactly the same!

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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