Thursday, 10 April 2014

Nail Polish Organisation Ideas

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
I know that its Friday and Friday is DIY day but I didn't have another DIY idea at this moment as I am on holiday so instead I'm doing a slightly different post.

In order to find the exact colour I want, I like to keep my nail polishes organised. Today I'm going to share my tips with you on how to arrange your nailpolishes.

I have a lot of nail polishes so it's very difficult to find the colour I want. For a while now I've been dropping a drop of nail polish on the top of each container I indicate which colour is which but it looks very messy so when I saw on YouTube how you can organise your nail polishes by putting and sticky label with the colour on, I thought it may be a slightly better idea. 

I like to add a drop of the colour onto a sticky label and then hope punch it out and stick it to the top of the nail polish to indicate which colour is which from above. I find this a really effective way to find a specific colour if you have a lot of mail polishes. 

I don't have much space in my bedroom to have all my polishes on display, but if I did, id keep them in a glass vase or on a tray/shoebox lid however I have to keep them stored away so I have them in a love heart shaped box. I got this a while ago so I can't remember where from but it is from somewhere like Dunelm/Bed, bath and beyond so if recommend looking there for cute storage boxes.

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