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What causes my acne?

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Hey guys,
So today, I'm doing a slightly different post. I'm going to educate you on what causes acne, blackheads and all skin imperfections. I think that making your skin as good as it possibly can be is something everyone strives for and I'm in no means saying that this will cure your skin imperfections but I'm just going to tell you what causes these things so that you can know how to prevent them. After all, if you have great skin you won't need to spend as much money on makeup!

What are spots?
Spots are little raised bumps on the surface of your skin. They may become red or even cause a white-head because of the build-up of pus beneath the surface.

What causes spots?
Spots are mainly related to a lot of oil on your skin. The sebaceous glands are attached to the pores of your skin and they create oily sebum to protect your skin and keep it hydrated. The main problem is with hormones because they cause your body's sebaceous glands to produce too much sebum which gets trapped in your pores with dead-skin cells. This is what forms a spot.

Spots can also occur from:
  • Touching your skin often
  • Dirty makeup brushes
  • Wearing makeup often
  • Not washing or cleansing your face regularly
By washing your face often with a soap or cleanser, your skin can instantly appear much clearer. Also limiting the amount of makeup you put on your skin can help prevent skin imperfections. Let your skin breathe as often as you can and wear a limited amount of makeup if its necessary at all. Another vital thing is to avoid squeezing spots when they appear. I know its extremely tempting but by doing this, it can make the spot infected and get worse and this is the main reason you get acne scars. Also avoid touching your skin and clean your makeup brushes very often. Also change your pillowcases often as the bacteria can collect on your cases and then when you rest your face on them, it may cause breakouts.

What if I wear makeup everyday?
So if you read my blog regularly, chances are you love makeup as much as I do and love to wear it and experiment. As I've already stated, wearing makeup can cause acne but for those of you who don't want to go without, there are things you can still do to reduce acne. Firstly, using oil-free makeup stops from clogging the pores so prevents acne. I would highly recommend looking at makeup from the body shop because it is especially for healthy skin. They sell oil-free products and my personal favourite, a tea-tree oil concealer that treats your skin whilst covering your blemishes. Another vital thing when wearing makeup is to take it off at night! I know this seems pretty obvious but I can't stress to you enough how important it is to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup before bed. 

I hope this helped you and if you'd like me to do more posts like this, please comment below.

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