Friday, 6 June 2014

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
Today I have some of my favourite tricks that I use when it comes to makeup. There aren't many but this is just what I sometimes do.

1. Use a brown eyeshadow as a bronzer.
Sometimes when I want a heavier contour that I'm finding difficult to achieve with my bronzer, I'll use a brown eyeshadow in the hollows of my cheeks. It is the same concept, its just sometimes a more appropriate colour!

2. Use clear mascara as brow gel.
Instead of buying a brow gel, I purchased a cheap clear mascara and use it to set my brows instead. I also find that these last a lot longer and you can use them as a mascara too!

3. Use eyebrow pencil as brown eyeliner.
This is a great double up product if you want a more subtle look with less products.

4. Use lipsticks as cream eyeshadows.
This one sounds crazy but I like using my Wet N Wild Lip Expressions palette on my eyelids as a base. It surprisingly works really well and I prefer using this palette for that.


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