Sunday, 13 July 2014

My Summer Must-haves

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Hey everyone,

So I am now in my summer holidays and am on holiday in Florida so I thought what better than to share my summer must-haves. These are just some of the things I love to have during the summer months.

1. Anklets
I love anklets but mine always break by the end of the summer because I wear them so much. I am obsessed with the infinity sign so I always get one with that on it. This year I got one from Urban Outfitters which you may have seen in my haul. I think it was actually a bracelet but I like to wear it on my ankle.
2. Henna Tattoos
Again, I really like to have a henna tattoo during the warmer months. I usually get one on my wrist and its usually an infinity sign. I go to the Beach a lot in the summer and I tend to get them in little Seaside shops. They're perfect for summer because they last a few weeks and then fade off in time for school.

3. Gel Nails
In summer, I spend a lot of time in water and with normal nail polish, it comes off very easily in the water so I love to have gel nails. They last all summer and I usually go for bright colours.

4. Lighter Hair
I can't dye my hair for school but during summer if I don't have chance to dye my hair I use some Sun in spray which lightens your hair naturally when out in the sun.

5. Tan Enhancer
I don't tan well and go on holiday for 6 weeks in the summer so I like to come back with a bit of a tan. To boost my tan I like to use a tan enhancer by Coppertone. I spend a few days trying to get a tan naturally but then after a week or so I like to use this tan enhancer at night. It applies like a moisturiser but then in future tanning sessions it'll help you tan more.

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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