Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What's On My iPhone (Updated)

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
I decided to post today instead of Wednesday because I just wanted to! So I change up my iPhone apps a lot because I just get so bored of them so I thought I would do another updated whats on my iPhone post.

So on the first page I have the apps that come with the phone but then I have two folders with apps I have bought and another with the more boring ones that come with the phone. 


This is my photography folder where I have the usual videos and photos but then I also have Squaregram which is where I add borders to my instagram photos. I have Afterlight too which is where I edit all of my photos, I really like this app. I used to have a few different ones with different editing features but this one has it all. It costs but not very much to say how good it is. I also have PicLab HD which is where you can add text to your photos, the HD version costs because it has extra features but the normal version is free. I then have flipagram where I can put lots of photos into a video for social networks.

In the other folder I have two bookmarks. One tells me my Hollyoaks spoilers (sad I know) and the other are some really cute phone cases that I found. I also have The Daily Mail online and Google Translate.

Now for the more fun part, I have two folders on the next page but the rest are all out. I don't have that many apps in comparison to others but I still have a fair few. In the first folder is just YouTube and TubePlayer which is where I can cache youtube videos to watch them without internet. This is perfect for travel, I like to get lots saved and then watch them on the plane.

I then have Instagram (my name is ojflannery if you are interested in following!) and twitter (ojflannery again) and snapchat which are probably my most used apps. I also have tumblr which I only use for collecting quotes for my quotebook (i have a post on my quote books if you are interested) so if you want to have a quote overload in your feed then my name is ojflann on it. 

I also have HiFutureSelf which is a lifesaver. It allows you to schedule texts to send to yourself to remember things. Its great if you are forgetful and you can schedule them for a year in advance. I also have Reminder Free which counts down the days until big events that I'm excited for.

I then have a folder with two apps in. Tags For Likes which I used to use for hashtags on my instagram photos but I don't use hashtags anymore so I should probably delete that. I also have We Heart It which is great for fashion photos and a mixture of girly photos. Its quite similar to tumblr really.

Then I have Candy Crush which I'm sure you'll all of heard of. I also have eBay and IMDb. IMDb allows you to search films, tv shows and celebrities and find out about them or when films are on/released etc. Then I have pinterest which I actually only really use for DIY ideas, makeup looks and nail art ideas.

Finally I have LepsWorld 3 which is just a game that I'm addicted to, I used to be and deleted it but since I re-got it I really like it again. And lastly, I have Kim Kardashian: HollyWood. I am fairly new to this game, I had heard so many people raving about it that I decided to see how good it was for myself. I love this, I am so addicted to it and it is actually so fun. I would definitely recommend trying it! My name is Quebfks if you want to add me in the Games Center and play with me. I know my name's a bit strange but I tried so many but they were all taken so I got annoyed and just clicked loads of keys so thats now my name….

Hope you enjoyed this post, what's your favourite app?

xoxo PinkCupcake xoxo


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