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August Favourites

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I know that it is a little early for August Favourites but I wanted to get this post up before I went home. I have a mixture of products that I have loved this month, here they are!

I went to Celebration in Florida and in a restaurant they were using this scrub as soap in the toilets. It was available to buy and I just had to. It is incredible and hard to explain. You use it as a scrub as normal and it has anti-bacterial soap in it but this scrub makes your hands feel so smooth. The scent is gorgeous too but it is unbelievable how silky it makes your hands feel! At $25.95 it isn't cheap but I would 100% purchase this again.

As you can tell I'm really into the Coconut Scrubs! I purchased this from Ulta and I love using it once a week really just to pamper myself. During summer your skin can get very dry but using this makes it good as new. 

 3. Icing's Expert Stippling Brush
In my last favourites post I mentioned my love for MAC's Face and Body foundation. I decided to buy myself a stippling brush to apply it with and this one does the job really well. I think it compares to MAC ones, I would recommend looking at these brushes.

I love this thing. I have used it every day since purchasing it. I can't say that my skin is perfect yet because as the sales assistant warned me, for the Clarisonic to work I may get a few breakouts within the first month or so of using it to get all of the bad things out of my skin. Despite this, I feel that with my Clarisonic, my skin feels so fresh and clean. I will review it when I get home to England.

My sister actually purchased this with my Sallys Card and I have been obsessed with the colour. As you know by now, I love blue on my nails and this colour I have been in love with! Also, since it is gel, it stays on for a good few weeks. I love it.

Although I haven't found this to completely vanish my blemishes, it helps to reduce them. It really helps to reduce the redness and make them calm down. I really like this stuff and will repurchase it.

My final beauty favourite is this, I really like it for removing waterproof mascara. Although I'd have to say that I still prefer my homemade makeup remover. I have a post on how to make that here.

8. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
I love the whole concept of this, just like the no makeup selfies for cancer research. I have loved watching so many people take part in this for ALS.

9. Once Upon A Time
My final favourite of this month is this TV Show. I have been meaning to get into it for a while and after buying the first season I watched it all within 5 days. I love this show. It is about several fairytale characters being stuck in the real world and not remembering who they are as the Evil Queen has cast a curse. It sounds a little far-fetched but I am really enjoying it. It is the perfect mix between reality and fairytales. I would definitely recommend watching this if you don't already.

Those are my favourites this month! What have you been loving?

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