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Easy Ways to Keep Fit

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I am not the fittest person in the world. I definitely don't do as much exercise as I should. I don't eat too well or have enough sleep but recently I've been trying to keep fit. Since I think of exercise as a chore, I have to think of easier, more fun ways of keeping fit. These are some of the ways I have been keeping fit but making it easy.

Obviously these things are not difficult workouts but I'm not looking to slim down or tone my body or anything, I just simply want to feel more in shape and healthy. One thing that has dramatically changed my lifestyle is my FitBit One. My Mum is a fitness freak and since she bought one of these, I have been learning more about it and even got one myself. It has dramatically altered my lifestyle.

FitBit One
A FitBit One is a tiny device that comes with a clip and strap so you can clip it on your clothes or wear it around your arm. It records all of your health. It records data daily and you can get the free app to monitor your results.
FitBit One device and app features:

  • Records the amount of steps you do daily
  • Records the amount of flights of stairs you go up/down
  • Records the Calories you've burnt
  • Allows you to enter the foods you've eaten
  • Allows you to type in your water intake
  • Allows you to type in the amount of exercise you have done
  • Allows you to find out your sleep pattern including how much sleep you had, how long it took you to fall asleep, how many restless minutes of sleep etc..
  • Allows you to set a silent alarm which will vibrate to wake you
  • Talks to you if you programme it that way
  • Times your exercise/runs etc…
  • Allows you to compete with friends on who is the healthiest
One of my favourite features is that on the device, it has a flower that grows depending on how healthy and fit you are. It alters throughout the day. For example, my flower had 6 leaves when I had been walking all morning but decreased to 1 leaf when I was sat watching tv in the evening.

My FitBit One has encouraged me to become healthier. I now do more exercise and watch how I'm eating more. I also walk a lot more to try and increase my steps to the recommended 10,000 a day.

I hate difficult, intense exercise so recently I have been trying to find easy alternatives to these workouts. 
  • I like to go for a walk at least once a day. I hate running but walking is still an easy way to stay healthy. 
  • I have a pool in my holiday home in Florida so I have been swimming and my Mum aims for 100 lengths a day. Setting a goal like this is a relaxing but easy way to stay fit.
  • To strengthen my arms and legs, I have been using a step and weights. I step up, lift the weights above my head and step down. I just like to do 10 minutes here or there over the course of the day.
  • I also like to do some cycles. I lay on my back with my knees up and reach for my knee with the opposite elbow. This is a way to tone you stomach. 
  • I don't do this all that often because of the unbearable heat in Florida but a bike ride is always a good way to stay fit, especially if you do it regularly.
  • I personally like to do 10 squats every morning before I get dressed. 10 squats obviously won't make a difference to my body but I just like doing it to keep fitter.
These are just a few of the ways I like to keep fit, it doesn't see, much but considering I literally did nothing before, I am quite happy with it. The huge curve for me was my FitBit One, it really has dramatically changed my lifestyle and I feel much healthier now for using it. I will leave the website linked here.

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