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Which Foundation Brush Is Best For You?

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I have found that my most popular posts have been those when I give advice specifically for you. Since this is the case, I would like to do more posts like this and recommend specific products for you. Today I'm going to be talking about Foundation Brushes. I saw a post similar to this the other day and i just thought that it would be a great thing to share with you.

There are lots of different types of foundation brushes but the worst thing is buying one because it is highly rated but then feeling as though it isn't the right one for you. I will list the types of brushes below, whom I recommend them for and examples of those specific types. I mainly use Real Techniques Brushes as I think they are great quality but also very affordable so most of the examples will be that brand but I have a few others too.

1. Traditional Foundation Brush
These are the brushes that tend to suit me. I really like them but some of my other friends don't. These brushes are flat and taper in slightly at the end of the bristles. They're better for applying a liquid foundation or concealer when you want more coverage. I particularly use these brushes on blemishes because I find that they really conceal them well by packing a lot of product but still looking natural. 

2. Buffing Brush
These brushes have a different shape and are quite fluffy. They are great for applying any type of foundation and give a flawless finish as they really buff the product into the skin.

3. Flat Top Foundation Brush
The bristles on these brushes are usually very short and densely packed. They are best used with liquid and cream foundations as they really work the foundation into the skin.
e.g. Icing Expert HD Foundation Brush (Just something to note is that the Icing Brushes are manufactured by the same company as the Sephora Brushes so they are excellent quality for money)

4. Stippling/Duo Fibre Brush
These are always recommended by the people at MAC, particularly the 188 and 187 I believe. These kinds of brushes are good for liquid foundations. They take slightly more time to apply than usual foundation brushes but they are worth it. I typically use one of these for full face foundation because they give a natural look but great coverage. 
e.g. I actually prefer the Icing Expert Stippling Brush over the MAC ones.

5. Beauty Sponge
I'm sure you'll have all heard of these before because they are very highly rated, particularly the Beauty Blender. (I actually have found a cheaper alternative that I prefer which I will link below). This form of application is great for liquid and cream foundations. They may be difficult to clean but the result is great. They give a flawless finish and are a really easy way to really work the product into your skin.

So those are the several ways of applying foundation. I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to leave any other ideas of posts like these for me to do. All products mentioned are linked if you click on them. Thanks for reading!

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