Sunday, 28 September 2014

DIY Room Ideas

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
I have done a post before called Room Ideas in which I showed you some features of my bedroom but all of those were things I bought. Today I thought I'd show you some fairly cheap DIY projects. I only have two for today but if you like them let me know because my sisters want me to do some DIY things for them so I will be doing more.

Firstly, I made this cute little decoration to hang over my desk. I bought the string which has butterflies on it and pegs from Michaels in the sale for around $1. If you can't find these, I would suggest using some wooden pegs you already have or buying some from Dollar Tree or Poundland and painting them different colours and patterns. For the string, just use normal string, lace or ribbon and cut out butterflies to stick to them with a hot glue gun.

I hung the string up with blue tac and pegged on some of my Photo Booth photos with friends and family. I just think that this is a really cute idea to decorate your room and it only cost $2 to make!

My next DIY is this really cute way to hang necklaces. I asked my little sister to find me some pebbles in the garden or you could buy some. I washed them off and used a hot glue gun to stick them to the inside of my wardrobe but you could put them on your wall too. This would also look great if you painted them first.

If you try either of these ideas and want to send me pictures then my email is and I'd love to see them.

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