Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Summer Hate-Its (Disappointing Products)

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
From the title, this may seem like a boring post where I will just rant about products but when I was looking at which if my posts have the most page views and comments, I realised that my top two were my 'Beauty and Fashion Favourites of 2013' and 'Disappointing Products of 2013'. Since I do a favourites post roughly every month, I thought that maybe I would start doing a disappointing products post every season.

So since you seem to like it when I rant, here goes! I also just want to note that even though these products disappointed me, you may like them. That's fine, obviously it's just personal preference but these are all products that I would steer clear of. I only had 3 products in this post but if you like it then I will include more in my next one.

1. BabyLiss Curl Secret
Although this product does work to create curls. I was very disappointed with it. I find that it takes such a long time to curl your hair because you have to use tiny strands and ontop of that, I get extremely nervous when doing the back of my hair that I will insert the strand in the wrong place resulting in my hair getting caught in this tiny contraption. Overall, I just wasn't impressed with this product.

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser
I've always been a huge fan of tea tree oil to clear blemishes but the cleanser really didn't do it for me or my best friend. I'm not sure whether this was just our skin but I was disappointed by this product. I'm glad I only purchased the

3. Freederm Gel
This is supposed to be the UK equivalent to Proactiv so I was expecting major results but honestly I really didn't find it to work at all.



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