Friday, 31 October 2014

Current Favourite Outfits

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I've just realised that I don't do a lot of fashion posts so today I wanted to focus on my current 5 favourite outfits.

Outfit 1

Leggings: Target
Top: Aeropostale
Cardigan: Abercrombie
Boots: Rack Room Shoes

Outfit 2

Leggings: Target
Top: Aeropostale
Flannel Shirt: Abercrombie
Shoes: Converse at Journeys

Outfit 3

Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Top: Aeropostale
Cardigan: American Eagle
Boots: Rack Room Shoes

Outfit 4

Top: Aeropostale
Jumper: Charlotte Russe
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Converse at Journeys

Outfit 5

Top: Hollister
Pants: Brandy Melville at PacSun
Shoes: Primark

Thankyou to my sister for taking the photos for me, she did a great job. 


Charlotte Russe -

Rack Room Shoes -

Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Sister's Blog Post

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Today I let my little sister write her own post. She chose just what she wanted to write and did it all herself, including the photos. Since she is only 10, she can't have her own blog yet but she enjoyed writing this piece. I hope you like it…

Today I will be blogging instead of just add sparkle its mini just add sparkle. This is all of my best makeup.First I'll start off with my Claires Brushes and my favourite brush out of my set is the angled brush. Which is good for eyeliner.

This is my One and Only eye shadow its by Kleancolor also it is really nicely pigmented and it has a secret compartment with blusher and lip gloss. So I definitely recommend that.

Next is my new elf custom compact and I really like this because you can put in your own colour's and again their pigmented.

                               Thanks for reading love mini just add sparkle xx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

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After our night at the Hard Rock Hotel, we got an early admission to the parks. Although this meant getting up at 6am, it was worth it for the lack of queues for the rides.

We went to Universal Studios first and went to the Harry Potter section which is Diagon Alley because this would be the place that got busiest the fastest. My Dad and Sister went on the Gringotts ride but my Mum and I waited because I don't like rides. We walked around, went in the Menagerie, the Weasley's Toy Shop, got a Butterbeer and took various photos.

Then when they were back from the ride, we went into Olivanders and chose a wand, this was really fun I have to admit because we had an assistant help us to choose one. They asked us various questions about ourselves, our likes and dislikes and even taught us a few spells. They then suggested which wand would be perfect for us and we chose one from the hundreds in the shop. The wand came with an interactive map which meant as you walked around the parks, there were points with bronze medallions on the floor where you could cast a spell and make the object move or water come out. My sister really enjoyed this aspect.

Then we went to Gringotts bank and exchanged our money for some Gringotts Money. Everything was so authentic, even as you pay. In all of the shops, the servers would ask you to sign the receipt for the 'ministry of magic' and if you paid by card they would say 'paying by muggle plastic?'. It was a really fun day. We also ate at the Leaky Cauldron although the food wasn't great.

We stepped back through the hole in the wall where you access Diagon Alley by the 'London Underground' and red telephone booth. There was also the Knight Bus where you were able to take a photo. Having been to London lots of times, I could understand just how realistic everything was, even down to the pavement having rain on it.

We then went to Kings Cross Station, again very realistic with Buskers and posters on the walls as well as train times. We went up to Platform 9 3/4 where we had to step through the wall. Then there was a small station shop where you could purchase English food and drink for the journey. We waited for the Hogwarts Express to take us to the other park 'Islands of Adventure' where we could go to Hogsmeade.

When we got on the train, we sat in the small train booth identical to the film, even with the same material used for the chairs. The windows were screens so we could see the real journey the train would take as we went through London and approached Hogwarts. At several points throughout the Journey, we saw Ron, Hermoine and Harry's shadows from outside the booth and could hear them talking.

When we got off of the train we were at 'Hogsmeade' where you could see the school in the background. We didn't stay long at Islands of Adventure because there wasn't as much to do for non-ride lovers. However we did go to the toilets where you could hear Moaning Murtle.

We caught our train back which was different to the way there. The only other thing we did at Universal was see Shrek 4-D which was really fun.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New post idea

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This is just a little extra week post because I've just had an idea for a new post.

I've been really getting into reading other people's blogs recently and I think I want to do a blog favourites at the end of each month with my favourite reads of the month in them.

I'm not sure whether you'd all like this or not but I like it when people recommend blogs for me to read. Comment your blogs name or any that you love below so that I can read them and give those a try.

Sorry this post is so short!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Favourite Things Tag

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I got tagged by harrietjacksonx to do this tag and I tag all of you. I think that the way it works is that there are different categories and I have to answer my favourite 3 things in each category so here goes…

1. My Camera
2. My Laptop
3. Old family memories like jewellery, photos and movies

1. Sunday Dinner
2. Steak
3. Chocolate

1. Florida House and actual home in England
2. Chicago
3. Mauritius

Things to do when you're bored
1. Watch TV
2. Go on my phone
3. Write blog posts!

Things to do when its sunny
1. Eat ice pops
2. Have a BBQ
3. Take pictures with friends and family

1. Nicholas Sparks Films (Cheating a bit I know)
2. Footloose (The new version)
3. White House Down - I LOVE this film!

1. Bad Day by Daniel Powter
2. Keep your head up by Andy Grammar
3. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

1. Converse
2. Apple
3. MAC

1. Dog Walks
2. Going to the Cinema
3. Dinner with my family

1. Christmas
2. Parties
3. Holidays

1. Frozen
2. Tangled
3. The Little Mermaid

1. John Hancock Tower in Chicago
2. Big Ben in London
3. The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Anything in Everyday Life
1. Taking photos
2. Time with friends and family
3. Playing with Milo (My dog)

1. My sister
2. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
3. Selena Gomez

1. Sprite/Lemonade
2. Orange Squash
3. Milk

1. Concerts and shows
2. Going to new places and trying new things
3. Holidays

Things to watch
1. Pretty Little Liars
2. One Tree Hill
3. Gossip Girl

1. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
2. Bethany Mota
3. Ingrid Nilsen (Miss Glamorazzi)

I hope you enjoyed this… it really made me think!


Friday, 24 October 2014

Creepy Doll Halloween Idea

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I tried out this look in my sister and was quite pleased with how it turned out. Its not supposed to be perfect, its supposed to be of a distressed china doll and I used a face paint kit that I got from Target but all you'll need for the makeup is a white, red and purple face paint, a wax, cotton wool and vampire blood hat you can purchased at costume shops. I also used a black eyeliner and blush or pink face paint but you'll probably already own those.

I started by applying the white face paint all over her face and down her neck. I didn't want it to look completely white, just scarily pale like a china doll. I then took the black eyeliner and applied it just below her bottom lash line to make her eyes look wider. I also wiped more white pain ton her lashes to erase them a little more. If you have false eyelashes, you could apply them onto the line you just created but I drew little strokes to look like lashes.

Then I took a mixture of pink and red face paint and did a small circle on her cheek, this needs to look very circular to mirror the appearance of a doll. I then drew tiny black dots to look like freckles. Next I took the white face paint and tried to erase the pink of her lips as much as possible. I then drew a love heart in the centre of them and coloured it in with red and outlined it with black. I also drew a line on either side of the heart and put little lines through it to look like her perfect mouth has been stitched shut. Its hard to explain but there is a photo above.

Next I moved onto the scabbed part of her face on the side. I took small amounts of the wax and stuck them onto her hairline, I also stuck pieces of cotton wool. In this look to make the scab as realistic as possible, it is better to create as much texture as you can. I then dabbed red and purple face paint over the top of it until I was satisfied with the colour and overall look of the scabs. Next to make it look more realistic, I tok the vampire blood and dabbed some of that amongst the wax letting parts drip down to look scarier.

Finally I covered my finger in the fake blood and wiped them over her neck to look like a bloodied handprint.

To further her look, I plaited her hair and slighted messed the top up. I put a bow on only one of the plaits and pulled the bobble to make it loose on the one closer to the handprint. She also put a summer dress on to make her look more like a doll. Overall, I think that this is quite an easy look for children to wear seeing as all they'll really need is a face paint kit.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Florida Mall Haul October 2014

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On Monday I went to the Florida Mall and bought a few items. This is what I got. I also went to Universal Studios later on in the day and went to a small shop at City Walk. I'll be doing a full post about Universal Studios later on in the week but I'll show you a dress I bought from a shop there.

Firstly, I went to Pac Sun and bought a top. I really loved how simple this top was and thought it would be great paired with some jeans or shorts to look casual or dressy.

I then went to Hollister and got another top and a jacket. The top says 'Shake it Off' and if you remember from my favourites post, I love that song. I also thought the top would look really nice with some shorts or jeans. The jacket I got was leather looking but with a grey sweatshirt-material hood. I love these kinds of jackets with hoods and I'm really looking forward to wearing this one.

Then from Charlotte Russe I just got a new EOS balm in Coconut Milk and a sample size of the Not Your Mothers Texturising spray. From Aeropostale, I got some really cute rings and a cute headband but I didnt take pictures of them.

From Pink, I bought two bras and two pairs of pants but there was a deal that if you bought two bras, you got a free treat and the free treat was another pair of pants so I ended up with three pairs. I also got some more creaseless hair ties because I really like them.

From Journeys, I got another pair of Converse but these ones in Burgundy/maroon colour. I have some navy, white and turquoise ones but I thought a red pair might be nice for a change and these are my favourite form of shoes.

Finally, from the shop at City Walk, I got this grey sundress which I ended up wearing the next day. It was so comfy.



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