Friday, 24 October 2014

Creepy Doll Halloween Idea

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00

I tried out this look in my sister and was quite pleased with how it turned out. Its not supposed to be perfect, its supposed to be of a distressed china doll and I used a face paint kit that I got from Target but all you'll need for the makeup is a white, red and purple face paint, a wax, cotton wool and vampire blood hat you can purchased at costume shops. I also used a black eyeliner and blush or pink face paint but you'll probably already own those.

I started by applying the white face paint all over her face and down her neck. I didn't want it to look completely white, just scarily pale like a china doll. I then took the black eyeliner and applied it just below her bottom lash line to make her eyes look wider. I also wiped more white pain ton her lashes to erase them a little more. If you have false eyelashes, you could apply them onto the line you just created but I drew little strokes to look like lashes.

Then I took a mixture of pink and red face paint and did a small circle on her cheek, this needs to look very circular to mirror the appearance of a doll. I then drew tiny black dots to look like freckles. Next I took the white face paint and tried to erase the pink of her lips as much as possible. I then drew a love heart in the centre of them and coloured it in with red and outlined it with black. I also drew a line on either side of the heart and put little lines through it to look like her perfect mouth has been stitched shut. Its hard to explain but there is a photo above.

Next I moved onto the scabbed part of her face on the side. I took small amounts of the wax and stuck them onto her hairline, I also stuck pieces of cotton wool. In this look to make the scab as realistic as possible, it is better to create as much texture as you can. I then dabbed red and purple face paint over the top of it until I was satisfied with the colour and overall look of the scabs. Next to make it look more realistic, I tok the vampire blood and dabbed some of that amongst the wax letting parts drip down to look scarier.

Finally I covered my finger in the fake blood and wiped them over her neck to look like a bloodied handprint.

To further her look, I plaited her hair and slighted messed the top up. I put a bow on only one of the plaits and pulled the bobble to make it loose on the one closer to the handprint. She also put a summer dress on to make her look more like a doll. Overall, I think that this is quite an easy look for children to wear seeing as all they'll really need is a face paint kit.



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