Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Florida Mall Haul October 2014

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 10:55
On Monday I went to the Florida Mall and bought a few items. This is what I got. I also went to Universal Studios later on in the day and went to a small shop at City Walk. I'll be doing a full post about Universal Studios later on in the week but I'll show you a dress I bought from a shop there.

Firstly, I went to Pac Sun and bought a top. I really loved how simple this top was and thought it would be great paired with some jeans or shorts to look casual or dressy.

I then went to Hollister and got another top and a jacket. The top says 'Shake it Off' and if you remember from my favourites post, I love that song. I also thought the top would look really nice with some shorts or jeans. The jacket I got was leather looking but with a grey sweatshirt-material hood. I love these kinds of jackets with hoods and I'm really looking forward to wearing this one.

Then from Charlotte Russe I just got a new EOS balm in Coconut Milk and a sample size of the Not Your Mothers Texturising spray. From Aeropostale, I got some really cute rings and a cute headband but I didnt take pictures of them.

From Pink, I bought two bras and two pairs of pants but there was a deal that if you bought two bras, you got a free treat and the free treat was another pair of pants so I ended up with three pairs. I also got some more creaseless hair ties because I really like them.

From Journeys, I got another pair of Converse but these ones in Burgundy/maroon colour. I have some navy, white and turquoise ones but I thought a red pair might be nice for a change and these are my favourite form of shoes.

Finally, from the shop at City Walk, I got this grey sundress which I ended up wearing the next day. It was so comfy.



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