Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Sister's Blog Post

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
Today I let my little sister write her own post. She chose just what she wanted to write and did it all herself, including the photos. Since she is only 10, she can't have her own blog yet but she enjoyed writing this piece. I hope you like it…

Today I will be blogging instead of just add sparkle its mini just add sparkle. This is all of my best makeup.First I'll start off with my Claires Brushes and my favourite brush out of my set is the angled brush. Which is good for eyeliner.

This is my One and Only eye shadow its by Kleancolor also it is really nicely pigmented and it has a secret compartment with blusher and lip gloss. So I definitely recommend that.

Next is my new elf custom compact and I really like this because you can put in your own colour's and again their pigmented.

                               Thanks for reading love mini just add sparkle xx


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