Sunday, 5 October 2014

New Puppy!

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I have been meaning to do more lifestyle themed posts because recently all my posts seem to be beauty themed. A few weeks ago, we got a puppy so I thought I'd do a post about him.

My siblings and I have all wanted a dog so badly for years but we go on holiday often and my Dad didn't like the idea of having to leave our dog so much, despite my older sister still being at home. My older sister's friend was giving away their dog which we all fell in love with so we had to keep him. His names Milo and he's a Jack Russell x Chihuahua (Jack Chi/ Jackhuahua). He is only 7 months and very excitable. He is the perfect family dog. He can be so hyper and friendly, he loves children and is not afraid to go up to strangers or other dogs - he gets very excited on walks. He also loves to cuddle at night and fall asleep on your knee.

We have never had a dog before, as I have mentioned, so this was all very new to us. It was so exciting going out to buy supplies like toys, treats and food although he seems to like everything but his dog food. I filmed the first time we gave him a bath, took him for a walk and some funny moments with our new puppy.

Milo is very brave when it comes to other dogs - he seems to think that he can take on any large dog despite his tiny frame. However, he is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, motorbikes, tractors and mops. He seems to think they are out to get him. One funny moment was when he saw the reflection of the TV in the window and thought it was a person. Like the many times he bolts to the front door when he hears our security system beep. He greets us every time we walk through the door.

As far as training goes, he has beginned to be potty trained after he was told off for going on my sister in the first few days - still a highlight of my month. He also is learning to sit, despite not responding to the vocal command, he does sit if you hide food in your hand. He has only been learning for a few days now so he is making good progress.

Overall, I will just say that we have loved having Milo at our home and I'm sure you'll see many more photos in the future.



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