Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Pads and Cream Review

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
After forgetting to bring my skincare products to Florida with me, I had to go out and buy some new items. I spotted these on the shelf and decided to give them a try.

My skin hasn't been in the best condition recently because I've really been neglecting my skincare routine. I needed something to really sort it out and get it back to usual and these products are a new staple makeup bag item for me.

I only wash my face with a cleanser and Clarisonic once a day because otherwise its too harsh on my sensitive skin. Usually I wash it at night so in the morning I use a Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Pad all over my face instead. I follow it up with some of the cream as well as using the cream after cleansing at night too.

The treatment pads are very highly concentrated in Alcohol which some skin may find extremely irritating and it may even sting a little. Although I didn't find this, I did find that they really stung my eyes and I have to close my eyes whilst wiping my face. These treatment pads are supposed to unclog your pores causing you to breakout less and reduce redness of current blemishes within 4 hours. I really did see major improvements in my skin overnight with this product. My blemishes hadn't cleared completely but I definitely saw a difference in my skin and a spot that I could feel coming had cleared completely.

Obviously I used the cream alongside the treatment pads so its difficult to tell which product really helped my skin the most but I would definitely say that this duo really does help to reduce blemishes. I have bought the product again to take back to England with me because it really is great.

For $6.97 for the treatment pads and $8.97 for the cream, this is definitely worth the purchase.


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