Friday, 7 November 2014

Favourite Blogs Of The Month

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Last month, I explained that I would be doing a post like this monthly recommending blogs to you that I've loved reading. I've been doing some searching around for good blogs and some of you have commented yours as well and have put together this post about them. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment your blog below to be featured in next months post.

I've decided that because I have quite a few of you that have left comments or that I have loved, I'm just going to talk about my few favourites and then list other favourites this month so the post doesn't become long and boring.

1. Leigh-Belle
Leigh-Belle's posts have some lovely outfit ideas in them. She often puts together collages of different clothing that would make a great outfit. She also did the Favourite Tag that I did last month which was great to read her answers.

2. Alana Wise
Alana's blog has been one of my favourites to read this month because it is so professional. She has so many great reviews that contain lots of photos and swatches. She also has a giveaway open now for the Naked 3 palette as a thank you for hitting 350 followers on bloglovin. Help her to hit 10,000 pageviews!

3. Lauren's Looks
Lauren does lots of inspiration posts and face of the day which I find quite different and interesting to read. Recently, I've been clicking on her blog on bloglovin a lot more often to find inspiration for my own makeup looks.

4. Emdigo
Emdigo is such a lovely person and I loved reading the Favourites Tag that she has recently done! Go over and look at her blog and maybe give her a follow on bloglovin?

These are all my favourites from October, remember to leave links to your blog below!



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