Friday, 14 November 2014

The Makeup Tag 2014

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
I was tagged by harrietjacksonx to do this tag. I did it last year but I thought it would be good to try it again. I tag all of you to do this.

What foundation do you use?
I'm not a massive foundation-wearer, I prefer lighter foundation. My favourites are MAC Face and Body, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Maybelline Pure BB Cream.

How about concealer?
I love Maybelline's Age Rewind Corrector and Collection Lasting Perfection. I'd love to try one from MAC or Nars Creamy concealer though.

What do you think about false eyelashes?
I hardly even wear mascara so false lashes are quite dramatic on me. I hardly ever wear them but I think natural ones look nice.

What brand of mascara do you use?
I love all Maybelline mascaras, especially The Rocket and their clear mascara but recently I've been loving Benefit's They're Real.

Sephora or MAC?
I love both so it's really difficult… I'd probably have to say MAC just because its available in the UK whereas Sephora isn't but I love the variety of Sephora.

What makeup tools do you use?
I use brushes, eyelash curlers and beauty blenders and dupes.

Do you use an eyeshadow primer?
I don't wear eyeshadow that much but when I do, I use a cream eyeshadow as a base like MAC's Painterly Paint Pot.

What is your favourite eyeshadow?
I love Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette.

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I haven't go any but I've been on the hunt for some for a while now. My sister has some and I really like them, despite them being a little messy.

What are your favourite lipsticks?
I like lots of brands, mainly Rimmel and MAC but I also love the Revlon Lip Butters.

What is your favourite blusher to use?
I like my Stila Blush but my favourite one is MAC's Cream Blush in Ladyblush.

Do you use drugstore makeup?
Yes, I love it.

Name a makeup crime you hate.
A foundation line.

Do you like colourful shades of eye makeup or neutral?
Neutral but I love experimenting with colour.

If you were to leave the house with one makeup item, what would it be?
Concealer, 100%.

Could you leave the house with no makeup on?
Yes, I do quite frequently and when I do have makeup on, its usually very little.

In your opinion what is the best makeup brand?
From the drugstore I love Rimmel and Maybelline and high-end I love MAC and Benefit.



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