Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year Goals

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As the new year approaches, I wanted to look back at my goals last year to see if I have achieved them and make new ones for the future. I'm warning you now, this is going to be a long post! 

Re-visiting last years resolutions
Last year, I did a post, very similar to this one, stating both the aspects of my blog that I would like to improve and my own personal resolutions. I looked back at it today to see if I had achieved those goals and here's what they were...

Blogging Goals:
• Reach 3000 followers on bloglovin'
• Become people's "favourite blogger"
• Improve my posts
• Keep to my posting schedule
• Make my blog well-known

With around 2.6K followers on bloglovin, I haven't quite reached my goal but I'm ute it's not too far away which is great, thank you all. I would say my posts have improved since last year but there is still definitely room for improvement. I have roughly stuck to my posting schedule but there's been several points of the year where I've not but I am still proud of myself. As far as making my blog well-known and becoming people's favourite blogger, I can't really say whether I have achieved this or not. I know that I do get a lot more views now and am even sometimes tagged in your posts which is lovely so I am grateful for that, thank you. 

Life Goals:
Always see a silver lining
• Eat healthy and drink lots of water
• Become a fitter person
• Look after my skin
• Study hard
• Have fun

I have become a much more positive person this year I personally feel as I do try to see a silver lining but my friends and family will probably still say I'm pessimistic. I have definitely drank lots more water this year which I am very happy about and I have looked after my skin but I still have not exercised. I just don't enjoy it but I will still try again next year. I have studied harder but I need to work even harder next year with lots of exams coming up. Overall, this year I have had fun which was my main goal. 

2015 Resolutions… 
As I said in my post last year, I try to think of these more as goals to reach than resolutions to keep as we all know most people break their resolutions within the first week of the new year. I like to treat them as something I need to work towards before the year is over so here are my goals...

Blogging Goals:
Take better photos
• Improve the quality of my posts
• Keep a tighter posting schedule 

Next year I want to try and make my blog even better but lengthening my posts where I can and improving photos. I also want to make sure I keep to my schedule.

Life Goals:
• Do 10,000 steps every day
• Take more responsibility and be organised
• Improve my diet
• Always think positive
• Have fun

I thought that making exercising more a goal was probably wishful thinking so I decided to improve my fitness by ensuring that I do 10,000 steps every day which is the amount you should do. I also want to improve my diet because I eat very little as I'm so fussy. I need to be more organised and responsible because I have a lot of exams coming up this year. I have bought a journal from Selfridges to keep in my handbag that will hopefully make me slightly more organised and planned.

Finally I will always strive to become a more positive person and have fun which is my ultimate goal every year.

I hope you set yourself good goals this year and hopefully follow them through. 



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