Friday, 9 January 2015

What's On My iPhone 6?

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
A while back, I got my iPhone 4s upgraded to the 64GB iPhone 6 in Gold. I have been meaning to do this post for a while now because I love reading and watching YouTube videos like this. 

When you set up this iPhone, there is a zoomed in or standard version which I chose the standard with 6 rows on the home page as apposed to 5. I also love the fingerprint ID concept with this phone, you can unlock your phone with your fingerprint or download music and apps. 

Anyway, on my first page, I have contacts, calendar, weather and clock on the first row. Then I have a folder containing itunes, the App Store, iTunes U and podcasts. 

Then also on that row, I have another folder containing notes, reminders and the health app which is new to iOS 8. The health app tracks your health by recording steps, floors and also allowing you to enter in details such as your food intake. 

I then have a folder next to it with my music apps in. I have music, spotify and musify although I haven't set up musify yet. It allows you to get free music. 

Also on that row I have safari. Then on the next row I have settings, videos, FaceTime and photos. On the row below, I have Daily Mail app, YouTube, Netflix and Pinterest. 

On my old phone, I never had social networks on my home page but now that I have more rows, I decided to put all social networks on the first page, especially considering they are my most used apps. 

On the next row I have Instagram, Twitter, tumblr (although in the photo it is updating so it dull) and snapchat. Finally on the bottom row I have Facebook, Facebook messenger, bloglovin and vine. 

On the bottom of my phone I also have a folder with mail and Gmail, messages, phone and camera. 

I have to say, the other pages of my phone I rarely use but I will still show you them. On the second page I have maps, keynote which allows you to make notes and presentations on your phone which is extremely handy. I also have kindle and iMovie on the top row. I usually have iBooks and kindle together but as you can see in the picture, I liked the look of all my orange apps together so I had to rearrange!

On the second row, I have GarageBand which allows you to make music, iBooks, pages which is like keynote but with word documents, I Love that app. I also have calculator and blogger. 

As far as games go, I don't use them very often but with 64GB of memory, I felt obliged to have a few just in case. I have blocks and 2048 which are puzzle games. Then I have IMDB, hifutureself which is a lifesaver as it let's use send yourself reminders for specific dates and times. I then have reminder which is a countdown to exciting dates, heads up which is a great family game. I also have Kim kardashian Hollywood which I haven't actually played on in a while. 

Next I have editing apps, I have square gram which puts a white border around yor photos for Instagram, rookie which I got after Harriet's recommendation- I use it to edit some photos for my blog. I also have pic collage. 

Then I have the new candy crush soda (I prefer the original), google translate, flow free which is probably my most played game, it's a puzzle one. I then have the hunt which is great and I'm sure you've already heard lots about and elf yourself which was at Christmas.

Finally on my last page I have makeup alley which is where I can type in a product and instantly find lots of reviews and ratings of the product. I have compass, tips, voice memos, numbers, stocks, passbook, Game Center and newsstand. 

That's it for my iPhone 6! I hope you enjoyed this and didn't find it too long and boring! 



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