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Chicago: Top 10 Sees

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Chicago is one of my favourite cities. There is so much to do and see and I love spending a few days or weeks in the summer. During winter obviously it's very cold and windy but in summer it's lovely and warm and perfect for a trip or holiday. These are all my own photos so some of them aren't great and some places I didn't have a photo of. 

1. Navy Pier
This is my ultimate favourite thing to do in Chicago. I love going down to Navy Pier which is a huge pier that has several ice cream shops and restaurants as well as rides, a Ferris wheel and a fun house. During the summer, a lovely thing to do is to spend an afternoon at Navy Pier and get an ice cream as you walk down and watch the boats. It's lovely. 

2. Millennium Park
This is another one of my favourite things to do in Chicago. Millennium park is home to The Bean, a large bean shaped mirrored piece of art which is featured in lots of films and TV shows. Im sure you'll have seen it on something. You can get some great photos here. As well as the bean, millennium park also has two large fountains where lots of children play around in the water. On a warm summers day, this is a refreshing trip and you can get lots of wonderful photos. It also has several parks. It's a lovely place to visit. 

3. Lincoln Park Zoo
This zoo is one of the largest, best zoos I've been too but the major advantage is that it's free. It is perfect for spending a day at if you have a large group of people or not much money as it's completely free to enter and is funded on donations.

4. John Hancock Centre
This doesn't take up a full day but it's a good thing to do during your stay. John Hancock Centre is a skyscraper in the centre of Chicago. It allows you to go to the top and do an audio tour. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, you can listen to your headset as you look out at Chicago. Narrated by David Schwimmer, this is a great way to get to know Chicago a little better.

5. Magnificent Mile
This is a long street with lots of shops. It's perfect for beauty and fashion lovers. 

6. Wrigley Field
Even if you don't like sport, a game is great at Wrigley Field. 

This is made of lego

7. The L Train
My family and I didn't have the best experience with this train as my dads wallet was stolen so be careful about that but it's a great transport. The equivalent to the "tube" or "subway" but on stilts. It is a good, unique way of transport.

8. Fireworks
I think it's twice a week that there are Fireworks above the water at Navy Pier. Whether you watch it from the top of a skyscraper or from Navy Pier itself, it's a magical way to spend the evening and one of the best firework displays you'll see.

9. Weber Grill restaurant
As far as eating goes, I loved Weber Grill which obviously is a bar and grill. I love steak so this was definitely the place for me. 

10. Giordannos restaurant
If you want a traditional Chicago pizza which you should try before you leave then this is the place for it. It gets very busy though so booking would be a good idea. I actually saw Kesha in here when I was there last. 

I thought I'd mention that I stayed at the Four Seasons hotel in Water Tower Place which was a lovely hotel above the shopping mall. It was very pricey but the best hotel I've stayed in. Our suite overlooked the John Hancock centre and the lake. This is a very fancy hotel but such a nice one. It also had its perks of being above a shopping mall. I did some damage there! My little sister also loved it as this mall was home to an American Girl shop which is a huge doll shop. Despite being too old for dolls, I had fun in here too! You have to go in to believe it but this store has a doll hospital and cafe as well as having so many varieties of dolls to choose from to look just like youz You could also go to the boutique and have her hair done or ears pierced! It's three floors and it's like nothing you'll have seen. 

Water Tower Place also has a big Lego store which she loves too. 

Overall, Chicago is a beautiful city and I can't wait to go back.



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