Saturday, 11 April 2015

Florida Haul!

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 19:10
It's been so long since I've posted but I'm going to try and do it more often. I pulled together all of the things I bought over the course of my two weeks in Florida and today's the haul post. 

Firstly, I went to Bath & Body Works. I stocked up on hand sanitizer sad usual purchasing the scents: Crisp Apple, Fresh Strawberry, Raspberry Pink Peony and Carribean Escape. I usually tend to reach for the fruity scents. I then also purchased my first candles from there, I got the scents "Tiki Beach" and "Coconut Leaves". These candles are my favourite scents ever, they literally smell like Carribean holidays- a mixture of coconuts and other exotic scents. They make my whole room smell like the beach and I love this range. 

I was treated by my parents to my first pair of real Ray Bans. I got these black ones called Clubmasters. 

I also went to Victoria's Secret and bought 5 pairs of pants and two new bikini bottoms. 

From Sephora I purchased another Naked Basics palette and Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown and am currently loving both of them. I became a beauty insider at Sephora with these purchases and am looking forward to a birthday gift later this month! 

I also purchased a few makeup items from Target. I got another Maybelline Pure BB because I love that. I also bought a NYX cream blush, L'Oreal True Match concealer and L'Oreal Butterfly mascara.

I got some teeth whitening strips to use closer to the time of Prom and some Colgate wisp max fresh toothbrushes to carry around in my bag for freshening up.

I got these two t-shirts from Forever 21 and currently I am wearing alot of grey, I dont know what it is but I've really been into it recently. 

I also bought these two shirts from American Eagle and the material is so soft. It reminds me of Brandy Melville t-shirt material.

Speaking of Brandy Melville, I got this t-shirt from the range in PacSun.

As well as these high-waisted denim shorts from the Kendall and Kylie collection at PacSun. 

Finally, I bought these two DVDs as they're two of my favourite shows at the minute. 



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