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A Guide to MAC Lipsticks

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When first buying a MAC lipstick, it can be very daunting. Being bombarded with questions when asking for help in store... Cremesheen? Lustre? Matte? Frost? Along with more, I decided today to explain what each finish actually is to hopefully make it easier for everybody when buying a lipstick from MAC and essentially, to create a guide to MAC lipsticks.

Cremesheen: This is my personal favourite MAC formula, it is very creamy and smooth to the lips. I like it because rather than being sticky or drying, it provides a moisturising texture that blends seemlessly into my lips for a lovely finish. Whilst only lasting for a couple of hours, it's easy enough to reapply. 
Popular Cremesheens include- Creme Cup, Shy Girl and my personal favourite, Modesty. 

Matte: I love the look of matte lipsticks but I find this formula very drying and difficult to blend into the lips. It is very long-lasting, the most durable of all the MAC formulas, lasting for approximately 6 hours. It provides a lovely matte finish but I'm not a fan due to the difficulty with blending it into my lips. I prefer a smooth moisturising formula despite preferring the finish of a matte lipstick.
Popular Mattes include- Velvet Teddy, Lady Danger, Candy Yum Yum and Russian Red

Lustre: This formula is very creamy and smooth to the lips which I love however it is quite a sheer finish, it can easily be built up but essentially, it appears as more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick. They aren't super long-lasting and do require reappliance however you can get a couple of hours out of them. 
Popular Lustres include- Patisserie, Plink, Hug Me and my personal favourite Syrup.

Frost: This formula provides a very shimmery finish which can make them more unwearable and looking "frosty". These lipsticks last longer than lustres with a couple of hours duration before needing to reapply. They are a little glossy but not as much as Cremesheens or Lustre.
Popular Frosts include - Angel and Costa Chic

Glaze: This formula provides an even sheerer coverage than Lustre. It is quite glossy but also looks natural. Glaze lipsticks duration time is an obvious flaw, with them only lasting an hour or so. 
Popular Glazes include - Hue and Pervette

Cremesheen Pearl: This formula is a mix between Cremesheen and Frost. They are creamy and moisturising but with a little frosty undertone
Popular Cremesheen Pearls include - Coral Bliss and Pink Pearl Pop

Amplified Creme: This formula is very creamy and glossy but not quite as long-lasting as it could be. These lipsticks are very bright and "Amplified". 
Popular Amplified Cremes include - Vegas Volt and Girl about Town

Satin: This finish is quite matte but a much less drying formula. They provide the lips with a little sheen and last a long time, a good 5 hours. They are quite opaque but have a lovely finish. 
Popular Satins include - Rebel and Snob

Retro Matte: This formula is similar to the matte finish but much more drying on the lips. For that reason, I personally try to stay away from them because they aren't creamy or moisturising. It includes lovely colours but the extreme matte finish is very drying. 
Popular Retro Mattes include - Ruby Woo and Dangerous

These complete the standard MAC lipsticks! I hope this was helpful and makes buying MAC lipsticks a bit less daunting and hopefully enables you to buy the formula that you are looking for. 



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