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Favourites: Products I've been loving

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Since I haven't posted in quite a while (which is going to be changing), I decided to fill you in on the products I've been enjoying these last few months. There are quite a few because I really wanted to vary the different types of products in this post, I always wanted to go into more detail so be prepared for a long post...

1. MAC Modesty Cremesheen Lipstick
This lipstick was a gift for my birthday and I'd been wanting it for a while. It's a very warm nude colour leaning towards the brown side, quite similar to Velvet Teddy but being a Cremesheen finish rather than a Matte. I personally prefer cremesheens because they feel much smoother and moisturising on my lips. I also find it easy enough to dab some powder over my lips should I want them matte. I find nudes really wearable with any look and I've been reaching for this and my next favourite lots recently.

2. Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss stick in Nudist
This is probably my favourite lip product. I have used it so much that it's actually becoming blunt because I use it so much, its definitely going to be a re-purchase. These gloss sticks are very different to the other crayon-based sticks that I've tried from other brands. Not only does it smell like Vanilla but it is also extremely moisturising on the lips whilst still looking lovely and glossy. I'm not the biggest fan of lip glosses as I find them sticky but this one is different, the formula is lovely and I find this colour extremely flattering for all skin tones.

3. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
I used to love this pallette and use it with every look but somewhere along the lines it got shoved to the back of the drawer, along with most of my eyeshadow collection, but then recently I dug it out, dusted it off and began to use it again. I've been hooked since, every eye look I have to encorporate these shadows in because the texture is lovely and the colours are so wearable with so many looks. This palette contains highlight shades, crease transition shades and overall lots of neutrals that are easy to work with colours. This is definitely a holy grail product.

4. MAC Eyeshadow in Blackberry
I've always been a fan of purple eyeshadows because the purple really brings out the green in my hazel eyes. Purple is a great colour for all eyes but I especially love encorporating it into my eye looks. I love to run a bit of this matte shade under my lower lash line and in an outer V on my lid with some shades from the Naked Basics palette.

5. Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara
I received this mascara as a gift a few years ago. I know that's bad, keeping a mascara that long but I hadn't used it and recently I began to. It's the perfect mascara for both volume and length. I'm not a fan of the "clogged up" lashes coated with three or more layers but that look is achievable with this mascara. However, I much prefer to use it in a way that separates my lashes whilst providing both length and volume. It's very affordable too which is nice.

6. Bethany Mota Perfume by Aeropostale
My little sister actually first bought this perfume in Florida and wore it the whole holiday. I became obsessed with the smell and she bought it for me for my birthday. It's quite a sweet smell, not everyone's cup of tea but I perosnally love it. It's very difficult to describe scents but I would definitely give this a sniff the next time you're in Aeropostale to see what you think.

7. Pandora Rings
I was blessed with recieving both a Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch which I love and two Pandora rings for my birthday. I have worn them all so much and I really love the way the rings look together, I've been wearing them most days.

8. Crest 3D White Whitestrips
I purchased some of these whitening strips to use before prom. I have used them before and I love them. The pack consists of 14 strips to use for 5-30 minutes depending on how bright you want your smile and how fast. I used a strip for 30 minutes the first night and the next day got asked if I'd had my teeth whitened. These work so quickly at transforming your smile and I would 100% recommend them.
I don't use these cleansing pads everyday because I can be quite lazy with my skincare, mostly only using moisturiser and cleanser once or twice a day sometimes but when my skin is suffering with lots of blemishes, I like to give it a wipe with one of these pads. They smell very strongly of alcohol (one of the ingredients) but it works at reducing the redness of my blemishes quickly. I have a review on them which I will link at the end of the post. 

10. Bath & Body Works Coconut Leaves Candle
I purchased two candles from Bath & Body Works back in April: Tiki Beach and Coconut Leaves. They were my first B&BW candles and the scent really does release to the whole room and all the house. These scents are like the Carribean and seriously remind me of holidays and summer. Whilst I haven't lit Tiki Beach yet, I hold high hopes as I have been loving Coconut Leaves. 

11. Photobox photobooks
This has got to be my go to birthday present now. It's an easy, personal website that allows you to print photos very cheap and get them delivered straight to your door as well as producing unique gifts such as phone cases and photobooks. I love making photobooks and I would definitely recommend looking at this website, they often have deals on too.

12. Netflix 
As always, I've been loving Netflix and helping my sister catch up with Once Upon A Time and mum with Pretty Little Liars. It's also great to have a Netflix day with friends and discover new films and TV shows. 

13. Skype
I've never been one for phone calls or video chats but recently I've been enjoying skyping and doing it a lot more often for hours at a time. It's just a really easy, fun and free way to socialise without having to leave your house!


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