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I Heart Summer Tag

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So I saw this tag on Harriet's blog and decided I wanted to give it a go since I haven't down a tag in ages! I'm nearly postive that I have done this tag before but years ago so I figured I'd update it with some new answers.

1. Favourite Bronzer for the Summer? 
Despite my favourite bronzer being Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, in the summer I prefer to go for a red toned bronzer and I like using my NYC Sunny Bronzer. I just find that I don't contour as much in the summer and this bronzer gives your skin an overall lovely sun-kissed glow. 

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? What is your favourite summer drink? 
For this question I would love to say something fruity and tropical however I'm really not all that adventurous when it comes to drinks or food for that matter. In the summer (and all year round) I try to drink plenty of water and because I spend my summer in Florida with the heat and humidity, it's essential that I stay hydrated so I like to drink water, I also love lemonade. 

3. Favourite Summer Lip Product? 
I am trying to venture out into brighter corals and oranges this summer and at the moment I'm loving Revlon's Tutti Frutti lip balm. It's a bright orange however it can be applied more sweetly due to it only being a tinted lip balm. I just love the way it looks with a tan and with white or black clothes especially. 

4. Pool or Beach?
I'm not the biggest fan of sand but I love the beach. I love the sound of the waves and the photo opportunities and I generally get a good tan on the beach however my family has always preferred the pool so I find myself by the pool more often than not, despite wishing otherwise. 

5. What's your must-have hair styling product?
I have to say, I slack a bit in the summer with hair and makeup in this heat. I tend to just throw my hair up because I can't stand it sticking to my suncream or the back of my neck. I don't tend to use hair styling products to be honest but occasionally I may use a beach surf spray from Got2Be which creates texture and waves. Ooh I also use Sun In to lighten my hair. 

6. Sun bathing or Fake Tan? 
I kind of use a mixture. I don't fake tan but I do use a tan enhancer by coppertone, it's like a moisturiser that I apply at night and then when you sit in the sun, it speeds up the tanning process. I have to say though, I hate sunbathing, I only ever do it at the beach. 

7. Favourite Summer Nail Polish? 
I like to use bright colours in the Summer and generally the shade I lean towards is Barry M's Gelly polish in the shade Green Berry. 

8. Any Summer Traditions? 
I go to Florida every summer if that classes as a tradition but other than that, I can't say I have any. 

9. Favourite Summer Scent?
This has to be The Body Shop's Indian Night Jasmine Body Spray. Harriet actually got this before me and I had to get it. It smells like suncream and holidays, every time I spray it it just whisks me away to some tropical holiday island, I love it. 

10. Favourite BBQ food?
When I eat out I always go for Steak but if my Dad is going the BBQ in England I love marinated Chicken but here in Florida I love Cheeseburgers which my Dad buys from Publix, they're so juicy and delicious. 

11. What's your Favourite Summer-proof product? 
I would have to say my MAC Fix+ because it sets my makeup into place and prevents it from running down my face in the intense heat. 

12. Any Summer Vacation Plans this year?
Currently I'm in Florida and I will be for five and a half weeks.. Whilst year I'll also be spending a couple of nights in Bonita Springs as well as a couple of nights in Sarasota. 



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