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My MAC Palettes & Guide to MAC Palette

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I have two MAC Palettes. One is a pro palette (you fill yourself) and the other is a limited edition one that I got for Christmas in 2012.

As for Pro-Palettes, you can get a duo (x2), a quad (x4) and a 15 space palette. You then have the choice to either buy shadows and depot them yourself to put in your palette or buy pan shadows already depotted and ready for your palette.

It's taken me a while to fill my palette to this stage as I purchased it last Summer but with receiving eyeshadows at Christmas and on Birthdays, I have a few spaces left to fill but I couldn't wait to do this post and I've been getting a few comments about my palette in other posts so I figured I'd just do it anyway. 

This photo doesn't do the shadows justice because some of them look better in person but you can see the rough colours here. I'll leave a link to MAC's website below anyway for you to see more.  

I have mainly neutral shadows but some colours and quite a few purple toned ones because I love wearing purple to make the green in my hazel eyes pop. If you want to see what colours will make your eyes pop then I'll leave a link to that post here

As for Neutral shadows, I have Vanilla, this is a matte white shade perfecting for highlighting under the browbone. I also have Naked Lunch which is a shimmery, more pink toned highlight which I often like to put in the centre of my lid. I then have Wedge which is a matte, light brown, great for the crease, I love this shadow. I also have Woodwinked, one of MACs more popular shadows, a shimmery brown. I then have Amber Lights which is a very shimmery orange toned gold, I love wearing this one at Christmas with a red lip. 

Purples and Greys
I have quite a few purples. I have Nocturnelle which is a darker shimmery purple but I don't find this one to be too pigmented so it's not one of my favourites. I also have Satelite Dreams which is a much brighter purple which I think has blue undertones, my sister loves this shade. I also have more wearable purples such as Quarry which is perfect for a matte, subtle purple in the outer edge of the eye with a neutral look. I also have Blackberry which is slightly darker than Quarry and also matte. These two are my favourites and look great together. I then have Satin Taupe which is a shimmery grey/brown which I think has purple undertones. This is a more dramatic, smokey colour for me that I like to wear at night. 

Other Colours
As for other colours, I don't have many but I have Cranberry which is a shimmery, deep red, I love to wear this in the colder months leading up to Christmas. I also have Paradisco which is a shimmery pink colour, my sister used this for my Prom Makeup alongside some of her MAC shadows. This is a very wearable pink that looks great in the spring and summer. 

Now I thought I'd share the most popular MAC shadows with you so you can get a taste for what other shades people love...
• Amber Lights
• All That Glitters
• Satin Taupe 
• Copperplate
• Cork
• Nylon
• Knight Divine
• Naked Lunch
• Patina 
• Cranberry 

Then the Limited Edition Palette I have is called 'Stroke of Midnight/Warm'. This contains 5 shadows. 3 of which are limited edition colours and 2 are colours that are available in store at any time. The 3 limited edition colours are... Femme Fi (a light cream highlight shade) Socialite (a yellow/gold shade) and Midnight Hour (a dark brown/black shade). The other two are Amber Lights (an orange/gold) and Mulch (a brown) which you can buy all year round.




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