Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Blogging Process

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For new bloggers it can often be interesting to see what other bloggers do and ultimately what their process for writing a new post would be. Today I decided that I would talk about my blogging process and I guess the "behind the scenes" work to my posts.

1. Inspiration
I think that any blogger will agree that without inspiration, your posts definitely are lacking. I've tried many times to write spontaneously to meet a blogging schedule but I've found those posts to not be the greatest. The easiest way to look for inspiration is magazines and tv. If you are a beauty blog, look in fashion magazines. If you are a photography blog, look in photography magazines. This is the easiest way to pluck ideas. In case you are still struggling for writers block, I'm going to be doing a post soon entitled "Blogging Inspiration" which will contain ideas for possible posts.

2. Photos
My next step after having a post in mind would usually be to take some photos. I think that photos plays a huge part in how popular your blog is because those with the brighter, more professional photos seem to gain my attention more. I haven't been great at photos in the past and have rushed to take them but recently i'm trying to get better like with this posts photo.

What I have learnt to do is:

  • Use natural daylight but that doesn't mean it has to necessarily be directly in front of the window
  • Make sure there are no funny light rays or shadows on your photo
  • I find using a white background to look professional so I am currently laying a white pillow case on my floor which works wonders
  • Use props like fairy lights or magazines or plants
  • Edit your pictures and up the saturation/brightness and sharpen them
These are how I beginning to achieve more professional looking photos.

3. Structure and Layout
The next step for me is to open a new post page on blogger, import my photos and think about how i will structure my post. Will I ask questions and answer them? Will I use subtitles? Will I make products bold or link products? Decide on the structure you want your blogpost to follow and then finally all that's left to do is...

4. Write the post!

Keep a lookout for my blogging inspiration post coming soon! 



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