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In-Flight Beauty Essentials // What's in My Travel Beauty Bag?

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Recently I did some travelling and unlike usual, where I have no plans for the day I arrive and wear minimal makeup and just look like a mess, this time I had plans when I landed after my 8 hour long haul flight. I thought I'd share my beauty essentials as it really worked to keep my skin clear and lips moisturised- my usual main two issues on a plane. 

I use this clear makeup bag to store everything as I find it more practical than those little plastic bags that always break for me. 

I always make sure to take some tablets with me (including my Kalms and calming drops) because feeling ill on a plane is not nice.  Unfortunately I was sick on the plane and had no tablets to help that! I also like to carry some Anbesol which helps with mouth ulcers which I am prone to get when I stress or am nervous- two things on a plane. I then take some hand sanitizer, loose bobbles and grips, a nail file and some mini toothbrushes because the toothpaste on the plane makes me feel sick.

I also take a mirror, a deodorant and now for my absolute skincare essentials- I have to have my water spray from Simple with me because it keeps my skin hydrated plus this time when I was feeling sick and hot and just panicking in general this really helped, especially when sprayed on the back of my neck. I also must have some lip balm, here mine is the Apple Chapstick. I took some mini wipes to freshen up too. Now the thing that really worked for me this time was I used a Cucumber packet face mask on my problem areas. I made sure it was a peel off one and waited until it was dark as it was a night flight so I didn't feel silly. It only took a few minutes and I found I didn't break out at all this flight which always happens. I also paired this with a layer of my favourite holy grail moisturiser- L'oreal Skin Perfection, I deported it into a small body shop pot though. These both helped my skin so much. 

I would also recommend to drink lots of water and keep applying lip balm very frequently throughout the flight. 

I'm not one for wearing makeup on a flight but I know some people do like to so this is what I would take if I was doing a full face makeup look. I would usually try and pack more compact products but since I was on holiday when I decided, I was limited as to which products I could use for this post. 

I am much more of a skin/face girl than an eye girl. I wear very little on my eyes- most of the time not even mascara (which I am trying to change) and focus generally on my skin. So I'd start with Maybelline Fit Me concealer and apply it under my eyes and on blemishes with my Real Techniques Contour Brush. I then would use the same brush to bronze my face slightly with the Maybelline Fit Me Powder in Coconut and apply blush with my Tarte Amazonian Clay blush. 

I have to fill in my brows, it's a vital step so I would use my Anastasia Brow Wiz and then use Bourjois' Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara. Finally on the lips, my Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

Despite having just said all that^ in reality I only carried my concealer, eyebrow pencil and baby lips in my travel makeup bag with me.

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