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School Essentials & What's in my School Makeup Bag?

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A lot of people in the UK will be dreading reading this post as school doesn't start until September but I know in the USA a lot is schools start in August so I figured it was the perfect time to do a post about what's in my school bag/what my essentials are. 

Firstly, I always make sure I have notebooks which is what you'll need- I like to have an A4 one and a smaller one, both are very useful when in need of paper- especially notebooks that include lined and plain paper. 

I also find that keeping a plastic folder to keep loose papers in is very useful to have. The amount of times I have put a piece of homework that I'm proud of in my bag to find that it's ended up crumpled under my books- it's just handy to have folders to keep papers neat and organised. 

I also then like to have a planner. Some schools in the UK do hand out planner/journals to record homeworks and important school dates however I also like to have my own journal to record what I need to get done everyday and any plans I have. 

I also found some really useful little plastic boxes to keep record/study cards in. It just keeps them all together and this box I have organises them with plastic separators. 

Obviously a pencil case is necessary in a school bag and I'm that person that takes everything and everyone turns to to borrow a pencil. Apart from the obvious things- pens, pencils etc, I like to carry these thin highlighters which fit in my pencil case better as well as some Tipex or White Out to correct mistakes.

Finally, onto more fun items, this is the makeup bag I like to take. I take very little makeup to school as I don't like to wear lots of makeup to school. Mine contains: 

• Tissues - always necessary. 

• Plasters - these are great for new shoes blisters 

• Nail files - there's nothing more annoying than a ripped nail

• Deodorant - For obvious reasons

• Perfume - I didn't have my perfume atomizer with me which essentially is a little tube that you fill with perfume to prevent you having to take the full bottle.  

• Oil Blotting sheets - These mean I don't have to take a powder and brush, just touch up by wiping the grease off my face.

• Hair Ties and Hair Grips - the amount of times that I have had my hair down and wanted it out of my face at school

• A hair brush - My hair is the worst for knotting up and so this is an essential for me

• Hand sanitizer - I'm also that person that everybody steals hand sanitizer off of. I hate school soaps so I tend to use this instead

• Concealer - Sometimes I find that I get a really bad breakout at school from stress so I like to apply some of this to conceal it

• Lip Balm - Mg lips can get very chapped and school is the time I apply lip balm the most. 

• Tablets - For obvious reasons


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