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Staying Positive

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I've spent a while preparing this post because it's something I really wanted to do and I kept getting new ideas on what I could include. Today I wanted to talk about ways to remain positive because we all may have our down days but I wanted to share some ways to cheer yourself up and maybe feel a bit more positive.

1. Music
This isn't for everybody but for me, music is an easy way to feel better and lift my spirits. When I'm down in the dumps for whatever reason, I find that Spotify has a playlist for whatever I am feeling but it has some great staying positive playlists which are full of songs to lift your spirits.

2. Write It Down
This is a new find for me but whilst I was in a little shop in Sarasota, I spotted these journals and had to give them a read. I am really into quotes and journals like these but basically the brand is "Write It Down" and they offer journals for lots of different things (some I will write below) and it has a date and time for you to fill out and then it asks questions or starts a sentence off for you to finish. It is the same each day unlike some journals like these and the thing I like is that it doesn't have the days already in for you so you can fill this in whenever you choose and not have a timetable to stick to.

  • School Days - My School Journal
  • Memories - Our Family Journal 
  • Me & My Big Ideas - A Goal Journal 
  • Celebration of Life Journal 
  • Precious Friends - My Pet Journal
  • Adventures - My Road Trip Journal
  • Wedding Planner - My Wedding Journal
  • Moving On - My Breakup Journal
  • Maternity - My Pregnancy Journal
  • Inspirations - A Gratitude Journal
It also has journals for hobbies like gardening and golf etc. They are available in 3 different sizes but I got the large one. I was torn between getting a Bucketlist Journal, First Times journal, Inspirations Journal and Goal journal but I ended up going for "Me - A Personal Journal" as it has a mixture of things inside. I have photos but I'll just repeat below what is said inside...

The first page of every journal has a quote:
"Life is an adventure
It's not a destination we reach that's most rewarding. 
It's the journey along the way. 
So Write It Down! & treasure the memory forever..."

Then the next pages are all the same. At the top it has space for the Date, Day and Time and below it has the following sentences and lines to fill them out...

  • The Weather Today is:
  • In the news today:
  • News & Events with my family & friends:
  • I am excited about:
  • I am concerned about:
  • Physically & mentally I feel:
  • What I learned today:
  • People/things that brightened my day:
  • What I did to brighten someone else's day:
  • Goals/Ideas for a better tomorrow:
I will leave a link to the website at the end of the post.

3. Count your blessings
I have to admit, this is something I am not very good at which is why I nearly got the Gratitude Journal. On a bad day, everything seems like the worst thing but I struggle to remember that there are people out there having days much worse than my own. I think a good way to count your blessings is to get a notebook and write 3 things each night that you are grateful for or there are apps you can get to do the same. 

4. Brighten someones day
I realised when I got my journal that i had not brightened anybody day today. I haven't opened the door for a stranger, I haven't told someone they looked nice, I haven't smiled at somebody in the street, I hadn't made any effort to make somebody else day better and it made me realise that I need to make it my mission each day to brighten somebody day with simple acts of kindness like a smile or a compliment. It can actually help to make yourself feel better too. 

5. Follow Quote Pages
This seems like a really stupid one but following simple quote pages on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter can honestly help you gain perspective. Reading a quote that is tailored to your situation can often make you feel ten times better and I find quotes really help me.

6. Fill your time with the things and people you love
This seems like a simple one but by being with people you love and doing the things you love it can really help to brighten your mood. 



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